SINGLE REVIEW: On Planets – Spectacle [ft. Maddie Duke]SINGLE REVIEW: On Planets – Spectacle [ft. Maddie Duke]

SINGLE REVIEW: On Planets – Spectacle [ft. Maddie Duke]

Last year Sean Wharton, a.k.a On Planets, released the freshest 3 tracks I heard all of 2014 – you can check them here. On Planets is the kind of producer that can turn a ropey saunter through a derelict street of Stoke-On-Trent into a joyful bound down a wonderfully under-appreciated and frankly beautiful part of lost British culture, that is coming from experience. I assume you have never been to Stoke-On-Trent Mr Wharton, what I can assure you is that what you have done is nothing short of a miracle.

I’m not even joking, the music radiates from some stupidly fantastic part of sound where the skies seem bluer, the grass seems greener and the toothless 4pack drinking cronies look like….well still toothless 4pack drinking cronies, but at least the beer looks refreshing and not completely inappropriate for that time of day.

On Planets is back and his new track Spectacle is spectacul….just really really great. He has a knack for matching fantastic female vocals, a catchy hook and his disgusting (meant in the modern, good sense) mixture of synth and bass.

Maddie Duke sings vocals….written as if Maddie Duke is a household name, as if people will go “ah Maddie Duke is on the song, I thought she was still doing stuff with Calvin Harris”. Well she needs to be, her vocals have a wicked range and progress the song perfectly.

It’s a mad good song and if this is your first timing hearing the Vancouver based producer check out his Soundcloud and Facebook for your own good. On Planets keep on being out of this world.