SINGLE REVIEW: Modern Faces – Matter Of TimeSINGLE REVIEW: Modern Faces – Matter Of Time

SINGLE REVIEW: Modern Faces – Matter Of Time

We first heard of Scottish band ‘Modern Faces‘ when we reviewed single ‘Lufthansa‘ in September last year. A strong debut song, ‘Lufthansa’ set up the band as one to watch. It was clear that the key word to associate with them was ‘potential’.

Nearly a year later, and they are back with another big single ‘Matter of Time’. Heading in a slightly different direction to ‘Lufthansa’ whilst staying true to their trademark sound, ‘Matter of Time’ is a livelier number with a strong dance beat behind it. This track chronicles that rare moment you lock eyes with someone across a room: the attraction is instant and there’s no possible chance you can look away. Montgomery’s raspy voice taps into the raw emotion behind the vocals; he portrays a genuine feeling of longing which contributes to the tone set by the lyrics.

For this single Modern Faces have once again successfully combined guitar-driven indie with brass and soul, allowing them to establish their own unique sound in a crowded indie market. With ‘Lufthansa’ and ‘Matter of Time’ in the bank, the band’s catalogue of material is starting to look exciting. It can only be a matter of time before they have the formula for a genuine commercial hit on their hands. They aren’t a million miles away from bands like The Courteeners and The Twang.

Matter of Time is available as a double A-side vinyl now (coupled up with previous single Lufthansa check out the band’s bandcamp to see how to buy.

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