In Jaws Maida Vale session back in March 2013, they played new track ‘Gold’, which left me wanting it on my iPod at that very moment. Having heard ‘Gold’ live at their sell out show at the Hare and Hounds and again when supporting Peace, I found myself craving the new track. ‘Gold’ live, holds a phenomenal energy, with instant love and approval from their fans, leaving the crowd bouncing from one side of the room to the other. After counting down the days two months later, Huw Stephens gave ‘Gold’ some air time, where avid Jaws fans stayed up to tune into the midnight show. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch it, the boys have now added it to their Soundcloud page, but I seriously urge you go a listen to it and don’t forget plug in with some decent speakers and see where the beat takes you.

Jaws are clearly doing something right; they seem to get better on each release! This track is seriously infectious and once it finishes, I’m left still singing ‘Take me, Take me to where the gold drips from the sun to my back…’ leaving me needing and wanting to listen to again and again. This track will make you want to get up and dance from left, right and in a generally trippy manner.

Different to the chilled vibes of ‘Breeze’ and ‘Friend like You’, Jaws pick up the pace, with ‘Gold.’ That first guitar riff is there to encourage various movements and when joined by Ed Geach on drums you will be tripping hard that you won’t be able to resist the movement that will surge through your limbs. In these more recent releases I feel Jaws are fully getting into their stride and know what they are about, they are no longer surfing in the shadow, which Peace created for these Birmingham bands. They are making waves of their own with each one getting bigger and better.

The track will be available through Rattlepop on 29 July 2013.

Till then