SINGLE REVIEW: Forever Cult – SuntrapSINGLE REVIEW: Forever Cult – Suntrap

SINGLE REVIEW: Forever Cult – Suntrap

We’re always on the lookout for new music here at 45 Magazine, and every now and then we come across a band that makes us stop, sit up and pay attention. When the latest track from Forever Cult landed in our email inbox, we did just that.

Forever Cult are a rock three-piece who, in their own words, “blend 1990s Seattle grunge with the jaunty pop-minded lyrical charm of mid-00s British indie”. They released their debut EP ‘Fuxx’ in October 2013 and garnered a decent amount of praise for it. New single ‘Suntrap’ comes out on January 27th, building on the momentum that is gathering behind them.

‘Suntrap’ is a slow-building, soul-rock outing; it’s a gloomy Sunday afternoon rock ballad. This is not the kind of track that will get you out of your seat, it’s one which will provide the perfect soundtrack to any indulgently sad daydream. As wistful as it is grungy, if feeling lonely had a sound this would be it.

Clarke’s voice is effortlessly soulful in a way that reminds me of Richard Ashcroft. Powerful and sharp, his vocals linger on notes a second longer than you expect them to, which just serves to heighten the drama of the song.

‘Suntrap’ seems to set the course for an interesting year for Forever Cult, with live shows lined up and we’re sure more releases to follow. Consider them one to watch.

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Watch the video to Suntrap below: