SINGLE REVIEW: David Bowie – Where Are We Now?SINGLE REVIEW: David Bowie – Where Are We Now?

SINGLE REVIEW: David Bowie – Where Are We Now?

So this came completely from leftfield, a new single from David Bowie and on his birthday to boot. Harking back to his somewhat mis-spent youth in Berlin with the likes of Lou reed, Iggy Pop and other inmates of the Hansa studio, this track is totally mesmeric and by turn both melancholy and uplifting.

As an admirer of Bowie’s work, but no avid fan, on first listen the new track seems to be a bit of an auto-biographical meander through past glories, but this under rates it by a long way. It is about a time past and the ‘Duke’ is 66, but this track serves to show that no matter how old you are and how much you hark for the past, you can come up with the goods in terms of fabulous music and equally enthralling lyrics all based on a life spent at the forefront of your craft.

While taking us through his recollections of Berlin, Bowie name checks some of the timeless parts of this most amazing of cities. From Department stores, over city bridges and onto nightclubs of yore he brings to life some of the more dubious, yet well know parts of his former home.

All in all this song has surprised me… after hearing it’s first play on the morning it came out I have now listened to it more than a few times and it continues to grow on me with each and every listen. With production provided by Bowies long time associate Tony Visconti and a superb, albeit incredibly surreal, video by Tony Oursler (just who is that women?) this song is both classic Bowie and as up to date as it could ever be.

If this is a preview of the quality of his new album – ‘The Next Day’, which apparently arrives with us, (announced this time) on 11th March, then please bring it on as I, for one, can’t wait.