SINGLE REVIEW: Daughter – HumanSINGLE REVIEW: Daughter – Human

SINGLE REVIEW: Daughter – Human

‘If You Leave’ is the debut album from Daughter with ‘Human’ is set to be the next single for release on the 29th April.

The talent which lies within the London Trio is that they have the capability to evoke emotions from within. With Tonra compassionate vocals being so pure and honest, you can‘t help but empathise with every word which is sung, transporting you to those places in your mind re-living those past moments through each song. In places you feel your heart sinking through the pain and sorrow. Others you see the light-hearted side of things, the positive, coming out of it all better off on the other side.

The trio had self-released ‘His Young Heart’ and ‘The Wild Youth ‘before signing to label 4AD when they officially released ‘Smother’ prior to the release of their debut album ‘If You Leave’. It was no surprise when Daughter announced that the next single set for release from the debut album ‘If You Leave’ would be ‘Human.’ This being a refreshing change to what has previously been released by Daughter as it’s not half as sorrowing as ‘Smother’. In fact it has a light hearted more energetic feel to it, something which you could skip to and when the main hook you could hopelessly spin round in circles until you collapsed. Its defiantly one of the more upbeat tracks on the album along with ‘Youth’ showing that they can write uplifting tracks, even if the majority of the album does take you on a downward spiral of melancholy.