If you’ve read any of my previous reviews on 45 Magazine, you’ll know that I am a self-confessed indie music obsessive. I live and breathe it. Being a writer I’m often confronted with the need to step outside that comfort zone and embrace other types of music (it never gets more ‘interesting’ than when I attempt to write about heavy metal – insert confused emoticon here). With a lack of exciting emerging indie bands, these days I find myself drawn to those that attempt to bridge genres so much that it becomes hard to pin them down and define them. You can’t file them safely away in one box and feel comfortable about it. They are always testing you. New act Altrego, having recently appeared on my expanding musical radar, definitely falls into that category.

Altrego, a London based duo consisting of Jasper Erkens (20, singer, songwriter, producer) and Andre Fisher (19, drums & beats), are currently working on their first 5-track EP with producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (Feist, Björk and Magic Numbers). Described by De Morgen as “A timeless mixture of roots with electro, the ecstasy of dance with the pain of the blues and the threat of punk.”, if you like experimental, they are well worth a listen.

The question on everyone’s lips when it comes to new bands is ‘Who do they sound like?’. Altrego sound like different bands at various times whilst managing to remain accessible. When they are tapping into their funk / blues / punk side they bear a resemblance to Cold War Kids, whilst their ability to weld indie and electro together makes them feel like a less frantic Bloc Party. Let’s face it, neither of those are bad bands to be compared to. Having listened to a number of their demo tracks, I can say there is some really interesting stuff to come from them and even if you aren’t massively into any of these different genres you may well find that this appeals.

The first song by the duo ‘Love is Flawless’ is a bold debut which sets an intriguing tone for what the future of this band might involve. Definitively funk-pop verses quickly give way to electro-infused choruses which will have your mind spiralling, wondering what might come next. Erkens’s voice has a mesmerising power, cutting across numerous different instruments and beats with confidence and ease. One can only think that in a live setting this will make for quite an intense experience. Give it a listen on SoundCloud:

Check out the film below to hear more about Altrego was formed, their influences and what their music is about and give them a follow on Facebook to keep up to date: or catch them on Twitter @altregomusic