ALBUM REVIEW: Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere E.PALBUM REVIEW: Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere E.P

ALBUM REVIEW: Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere E.P

Mura Masa is one of those ridiculously young producers who has no respect for the arduous tasks of becoming a household name within music. Instead of trailing the club scene and slowly building a faithful following of wide-eyed university students in search of the ‘next sound’, Masa was busy racking up 150,000 plays on his song ‘i made this in 2 hours 18 minutes’. Following a string of impressive remixes, the 18 year old youth debuts his E.P ‘Someday Somewhere’ featuring some HUGE names (if you’re a fan of underground electronic music & hip-hop) notably Jay Prince & Nao.

Lovesick Fuck & Firefly are two songs that epitomise the excitement surrounding Masa, they feel fresh and imperfect which is a far cry from all the super produced house music that has hypnotised the public with it’s dreamy saxophone melodies that remind you of that time last summer.

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