LIVE REVIEW: Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats – Academy 3, Manchester (24/04/2014)LIVE REVIEW: Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats – Academy 3, Manchester (24/04/2014)

LIVE REVIEW: Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats – Academy 3, Manchester (24/04/2014)

For those who don’t yet know, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are a four piece from Cambridge. And yet, judging by tonight’s sell-out show at Manchester Academy 3 it seems already they have gathered a high number of fans after supporting metal gods and closest musical comparisons: Black Sabbath, last winter.

Black Moth were the main support band tonight and the hard rock five piece from Leeds played a fantastic set that won over the Manchester crowd before things really got started. Even if you’d only skimmed through their discography and were perhaps worrying you may not enjoy their set, you definitely didn’t have to worry for long. The band played material as new as the as yet unreleased forthcoming single “Tumbleweed”  and even that went down a storm. The music was really enjoyable and the band had a great stage presence.

Next up were the head-liners of the night Uncle Acid And The Dead Beats who entered their set with a long instrumental track, which unfortunately was blighted with a technical glitch and delayed their performance. Yet, this didn’t effect the psychedelic  rock band long though as they ploughed through into “Mt.Abraxas” the opening track of their 2013 album ‘Mind Control’.

What was really exciting about this gig though was not only the band and performance, but also the crowd and how diverse it was. From the hairy bikers to old men to young teens, there was a wide ranging audience that you just don’t see many bands pull in these days. So as the band smashed through riffs and were (perhaps) overly generous with solos, out came the air guitars in waves as the crowd woke up more and more, song by song.

Just as the room was reaching melting point during this excellent performance, the band finished on the chaotic “Vampire Circus”. But just as they’d left for a well deserved drink, they were cheered back on for an encore where they indulged the crowd with “13 Candles”, “Withered Hand Of Evil” and “Desert Ceremony”. Upon finishing their faultless performance the feedback they received was truly amazing and rightly so. With Academy 3 proven to be too small to contain these classic rockers, tonight Uncle Acid and co. delivered a performance that left you unable to wait until next time as they look set to conquer bigger venues.