LIVE REVIEW: Atticus Anthem @ Dry Bar Live, Manchester (17.04.14)LIVE REVIEW: Atticus Anthem @ Dry Bar Live, Manchester (17.04.14)

LIVE REVIEW: Atticus Anthem @ Dry Bar Live, Manchester (17.04.14)

Midlands-based Atticus Anthem are no strangers to the live music scene. Having supported numerous bands on tour across the country they’ve learnt their craft and are starting to make their own mark. 45 Magazine went down to their show at Manchester’s Dry Live to check them out.

Atticus Anthem have a strong collection of songs to their name. Staying true to their title, the four-piece kicked off their set with their anthemic sound and carried that through to the end. The real highlights came in the form of the more up-tempo numbers “Wires” and “Rocket”; these easily accessible indie pop songs form the sound that seemed to suit the band, more so than their slower moments. Front-man Bjorn Franklin’s raspy vocals played well off the acoustics in Dry and emphasised the soulful sound of their melodies. And while he shines, he is just one element in a group of four which obviously work strongly together. Guitarists Olly Skelton and Johnny Marchetta relish their own solo moments throughout and drummer Jared McGivern provided a solid and relentless beat, that powered them all forward.

The stand-out moment of the show though was a fun mash-up of ‘I Got My Mojo Working’ and ‘Folsom Prison Blues’  which gave the band the opportunity to showcase their versatility. The deep bluesy rock was so different to their normal sound that it allowed them to put their own spin on each song. It was at this point the band most looked like they are really enjoying themselves and it left you wondering why they haven’t experimented more with this sound. Executed so well – it was the part that really left the crowd wanting to hear more.

Early song ‘Southside’ completed the set with a rousing applause from the fairly small but appreciative audience. Watching them, you can’t help but think they are ready to be challenged more than this. They are ready for bigger gigs and audiences who haven’t heard them before. They are ready to face a bigger test than this dank and dark basement venue. And they should definitely bring in more of the blues. In short, they are a talented bunch with obvious ambition and a strong connection to each other.