LIVE: Garbage @ Academy, Manchester

Bands: Dutch Uncles, Garbage
Venue: Manchester Academy
Date: 13/11/2015

Tonight’s tour marks the 20th anniversary of Garbage’s debut album being released and the crowd have come to pay their homage to one of their best. The gig is sold out and nearly 3/4 full by the time hometown band Dutch Uncles hit the stage with random cries of “Pete” showing how well they are known in the area.

Dutch Uncles @ Manchester Academy - 13/11/2015A weird funk and they have you hooked from the off, frontman Duncan Wallis dances about the stage taking the crowd for a journey with him. The music has all kinds of melodies and the crowd are loving every minute of it, the band made the point despite being local this is the 1st time they have graced the Academy 1 but if these boys keep doing what they are doing this certainly wont be the last time they play this stage. Garbage @ Manchester Academy - 13/11/2015Finally the lights dim and the screen reveals a video projection of Garbage through the years a beautiful collection of highlights and events that have happened since they have been together. It is very insightful look into the personality and connection they have with the fans. The band launch into opening track ‘Alien Sex Fiend’ from behind the curtain leaving the crowd waiting that extra couple of minutes to see their heroes.

Garbage @ Manchester Academy - 13/11/2015They now move fast through the ’Subhuman’, ’Supervixen’ and ‘Queer’ before taking time in their set to talk to the fans. During this time Shirley mentions to the fans that whole tour came about when they where in the studio and they were reminded about it being 20 years since the self titled album so they decided to hit the road and treat fans to a tour of the cities had meant the most to them. Not only is the set full of hits like ‘Stupid Girl’ and ’Milk’ from the debut album but there is also a selection of covers and snippets from The Jam, New Order and The Stone Roses make there way in there to the delight and suprise of the Manchester fans. As the wind and rain gathers outside the heat rises inside the venue and the band burst into ‘I’m Only Happy When It Rains’, pretty fitting on a night like this I suppose. Garbage @ Manchester Academy - 13/11/2015

The band return for a brief encore that features songs ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’ and ‘When I Grow Up’ amongst others from various albums in their career. Tonight was a great opportunity for fans to relive the early years and where it all started for Garbage and the band duly delivered an exhilarating night of nostalgia.

Garbage @ Manchester Academy - 13/11/2015As both fans and the band leave the venue the shocking news reaching them from Paris leaves everyone remembering just how lucky they are. The band had this to say on twitter later on.

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Setlist: Alien Sex Fiend (20 Years Queer video intro), Subhuman, Supervixen, Queer, Girl Don’t Come, As Heaven Is Wide, The Butterfly Collector (The Jam cover), Not My Idea (New Order’s Temptation snippet), Driving Lesson, Milk, Fix Me Now, My Lover’s Box, Sleep, A Stroke of Luck, #1 Crush, Stupid Girl, Dog New Tricks, Only Happy When It Rains, Vow (The Stone Roses’ I Am the Resurrection snippet)

Encore: Trip My Wire, Kick My Ass (Vic Chesnutt cover), Automatic Systematic Habit, When I Grow Up