LIVE: Eagles Of Death Metal @ The Forum, London

On a night where the flashes, explosions and raucousness make for a very enjoyable and deafening time, you could be forgiven for thinking I’m referring to bonfire night in North London. Instead I’m at The Forum watching the spectacle that is Eagles Of Death Metal.

45 EODM 013It’s hard to think of a frontman who enjoys himself as much as Jesse Hughes appears to. His cherubic grin and jiggling about in what appears to be the pure enjoyment of anticipation makes for one of the great stage entrances; an entrance when absolutely nothing is going on, except that we’re transfixed by this walking personality. 45 EODM 011

We open with Bad Dream Mama and the roof lifts, as Jesse points we all scream; as he sweeps his hair back we all swoon, and as he struts around.

For a band that’s been going as long as EODM have, it’s little short of joyous to see this much fun being had, and this time I’m talking about the audience – each one of them hoping for a finger to be pointed at them, or a wink to be aimed in their direction, or for a wave to come their way. Jesse holds us figuratively in the palm of his hand and, much like Freddie Mercury used to, you feel he could conduct us like an orchestra if he chose to.

45 EODM 014The pace is electric, the sound illuminates the soul, and the downright explosive energy starts to explain just why this venue can only be described as ‘bouncing’. It’s a gig that reinvigorates a love for live music. As I trudge out into the wind and rain I’m left with a feeling that the night has not just left me feeling emotional, exhausted and drained, but that each one of us has these feelings combined with an infectious energy that makes us want to do it all over again. 45 EODM 005

Twas ever thus, with EODM, and ever thus will be.

45 EODM 001

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