LIVE: Asylums @ Roundhouse, London

On a damp and chilly November evening it takes either a large crowd or a great performance to warm things up. Brought forward to the unseemly hour of 7.15pm, Asylums play to an assembled crowd of no more than a couple of hundred, many of whom manage to catch their opening songs.

Asylums @ Roundhouse, London

However, the urgency and stress of running through The Roundhouse to get to the photopit in time does make for an extra adrenalin rush, the like of which I’ve not had for a while. Missing ‘I’ve Seen Your Face In a Music Magazine’ and the vast majority of ‘Joy In A Small Wage’ can only be described as immensely disappointing; riveted, addicted, entranced and committed as I am to my ‘Asylums’ playlist on Spotify.

Asylums @ Roundhouse, London

The rest of the gig is classic Asylums stuff, particularly as I catch the immense ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’, ‘The Death of Television’ and ‘Missing Persons’.

This band have been described as ‘grunge meets britpop’ but such a blunt analogy both works with immense success and still feels a bit lazy. There’s something about this band that adds to both genres, that creates more than the sum of those parts, and that still leaves you confused as to whether there’s been another band who sound like this. For me there’s elements of The Monkees too, and a bit of Haircut 100, and a small dash of Foo Fighters. In other words, I can’t find a way to describe this any better than the one word that sums them up as well as anything else might in the future – ‘Asylums’.

Asylums @ Roundhouse, London

On Thursday night this week (12th November 2015) they play The Lexington in London and I intend to be there early enough to have my cockles heartily-warmed once again. I really can’t wait.

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