E.P REVIEW: Inad – ThéE.P REVIEW: Inad – Thé

E.P REVIEW: Inad – Thé

A common problem facing the UK Music Scene is the distinct lack of sitar. NOT TO WORRY UK Solo artist Inad is here to address said problem with her super-fresh E.P Thé.

Inad is a bit of an enigma for me, in the three hour period in which I first found and continuously played Thé, I discovered little information. Her soundcloud goes by the name of ‘robodani’ and I lack the journalistic integrity to message her asking her why.

She describers her tracks as ‘Herbaceous’, I failed to understand the meaning of this until I saw on her Facebook a picture of her drinking HERBAL TEA. “There is nothing like first-hand evidence” – Sherlock Holmes #astudyinscarlet #knowyourbooks #orhowtogooglesherlockquotes

Clearly Inad draws her songwriting ability from a mixture of the power of herbal tea and an innate longing to make my day a little bit better. She also labels her music ‘Fussy, Cher, Ironic, Car-Boot, Slow’… I mean, none of them are established genres…but I totally see it.

Her voice is darn sweet you get toothache. Each song is delicately crafted in this wonderfully dreamy world that I don’t think I haver ever been in. In ‘Blue Nue‘ she repeatedly spawns the words “Oh you said I was crazy” and I can’t help but think if she is crazy, maybe I is crazy, maybe you is crazy, MAYBE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD IS CRAZY (don’t pull me up on the grammatical error, I done it on purpose…)

Inad is a part of Hello Thor Records. Check out her Soundcloud, Facebook and be aware of her music. Discover Inad to discover the power of Herbaceous hits.