ALBUM REVIEW: The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Get Hurt’ALBUM REVIEW: The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Get Hurt’

ALBUM REVIEW: The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Get Hurt’

2 years on from their last album ‘Handwritten’, The Gaslight Anthem have exploded back onto the scene with their newest work ‘Get Hurt’, an indication that the New Jersey rock outfit aren’t afraid to venture into new pastures of the genre.

There is a clear shift from their trademark 80s Springsteen-esque mix with punk sound that have gained them a huge following since their formation in 2006. There appears to be more of a classic rock sort of influence, with huge guitars riffs and heavy pounding drums taking the forefront, displayed immediately in the opening track ‘Stay Vicious’, which kicks the album into an explosive beginning.

Loyal fans need not fret though, the massive anthemic sound that they have become accustomed to has by no means been lost in transition, they’ve just put a different slant on it, whilst still capturing the punk/folk undertones. Brian Fallon’s unmistakably gritty, powerful vocals are still there in force as well, sounding as great as ever, and like in previous records, is still one of the stand out features.

Lyric wise, the album delves into the ever relevant subject of life and love, finding what’s really important and dealing with lost relationships. The crafting of the songwriting gives the album a sense of poetry, take one line from ‘Stray Paper’ “Who Sent Fire from their fingertips in the vow of a teenage kiss”… not bad ey?

As you’d expect from any Gaslight album, it swings between huge relentless stadium fillers like ‘Stay Vicious’ and ‘1,000 years’ to more downbeat melancholy breaks in the onslaught in Break your heart’ and ‘Sweet Morphine’, the mood changes are calculated and timed to perfection throughout.

It’s not a massively drastic change for The Gaslight Anthem, but there’s a definite shift there, and for any band who’ve found a hell of a lot of success in a style they’ve perfected over the years, it’s always a risk to stray away from it, but it looks like the lads have got it down to a tee on the first attempt.