ALBUM REVIEW: Heaven’s Basement – Filthy EmpireALBUM REVIEW: Heaven’s Basement – Filthy Empire

ALBUM REVIEW: Heaven’s Basement – Filthy Empire

Five years since the release of their first EP and Heaven’s Basement’s long awaited, highly anticipated debut album, ‘Filthy Empire’, is finally here!

The album punches you in the gut from the start with opening track ‘Welcome Home‘  and then leads into the gritty debut single, ‘Fire Fire‘ which is packed with kick ass riffs and pounding drums throughout. Followed by the second single from the album, the energetic ‘Nothing Left to Loose’. The anthemic ‘Lights out in London‘ will get you singing along in no time before the brit punk-esque “I am Electric” shoots you back up a notch. ‘The Long Goodbye‘ will get you thrashing your head up and down in no time, before you get down and dirty to the sleazy guitar riffs and raunchy vocals of ‘Heartbreaking Son of a bitch’. The album takes a softer rock approach with “Be somebody” which just wails  MTV appeal. ‘Can’t Let Go‘ is kept together by the tight rhythm produced by bassist Rob Ellershaw and drummer Chris Rivers and allows vocalist Aaron Buchanan to show what he’s made of. The band evidence more of their raw talents with the acoustic and heart felt ‘The Price We Pay‘ before it quickly dives into the fun rockin’ groove of ‘Jump Back’. The closing track of the album ‘Executioners Day’ is one which I’ve seen played live many times before, however this remastered version is simply exceptional and should leave you gagging for more!

This album is bursting with raw, monsterous energy, catchy riffs, powerful vocals and is a definite must have for any avid rock fan!