ALBUM REVIEW: Brutality will Prevail – ‘Suspension Of Conciousness’ALBUM REVIEW: Brutality will Prevail – ‘Suspension Of Conciousness’

ALBUM REVIEW: Brutality will Prevail – ‘Suspension Of Conciousness’

Finally arriving is the new Brutality Will Prevail Album: ‘Suspension Of Conciousness’ and it has a lot to live up to. But considering how ground-breaking their first two albums were (‘Root of all evil’ & ‘Scatter the ashes’) coupled with the début performance from vocalist Louis Gauthier and drummer Craig Reynolds, they’ve only made the follow-up task more difficult.

Picking up this record and knowing the line-up changes anyone would be curious to see which direction the band would take now and whether they’d be open to a new and lighter sound…

Nope. It’s safe to say the band have stuck to their roots and have gone absolutely mental on this top-notch album.

BWP have kept their unique sound but have if anything have made their music even heavier and with a really dark edge to it. The instrumental side on all of Brutality Will Prevails albums are always a strangely delightful listen and especially the killer riffs that pack them out. On such tracks the band have firmly put to bed any worries you may have had about the new vocalist fitting in. Yet where lyrics do appear on the album, they are in fairness truly magnificent, and suitably fit the style of the album and each song beautifully especially exemplified by “Escapist” (one of the two music videos previewing this album).

The band have also called in Liam Cormier (vocalist of Cancer Bats) to perform on the track “Martyr:Anxiety”, a shady song both lyrically and instrumentally, but thrilling.

It may take a few listens to wrap your ears around it, but this album features fantastic début performances from the new vocalist and drummer. Fans of the earlier material will be more than delighted with how this album has turned out and is even an early call for metal-core album of the year.

Release date 07/04/2014 – Siege Of Amida a Records/ Century Media Records