ALBUM REVIEW: Architects – ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ALBUM REVIEW: Architects – ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’

ALBUM REVIEW: Architects – ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’

Brighton metal-core outfit, Architects, have been setting the benchmark for their genre for years now, and they have just pushed this benchmark up a notch with their latest release “Lost Forever // Lost Together”.

The band have come on leaps and bounds since their formation in 2004, and this album epitomises that. The lads have created a reputation for themselves, meaning that anything less than outstanding would be considered a shortcoming, luckily though, “Lost Forever // Lost Together” is beyond outstanding.

Whilst last album ‘Daybreaker’ had a political theme running through it, this time, Architects tackle a more religious theme, generally with the idea that God has abandoned us and is referred to as “a fucking tyrant in a hollow crown”. Nice and cheerful then.

Architects have always been one of the best in the business at contrasting melodic guitar riffs with colossal breakdowns, but take it to a whole new level on this record. This is massively aided by Sam Carter’s ever improving range of clean and scream vocals, and of course Dan Searle’s unique and incredible style of drumming. The album is just one huge outburst of anger and energy right from the opening track “Gravedigger” that only momentarily lets-up for the beautiful “Red Hypergiant”.

The album is brought to a huge atmospheric climax with “The Distant Blue”. The stripped-down vocals on the track perfectly sums-up how their diverse songwriting can completely counteract the huge and complex production seen on the rest of the record, closing-out an insanely good piece of work.

About to embark on their biggest headline tour of the UK to date and already announced for Reading & Leeds festival, 2014 is looking set to be a monumental year for the band, now to be topped-off with the release of what will easily be one of the best albums you’ll hear this year.

Check out the album closer, “The Distant Blue” now: