45°: We Meet… I Killed the Prom Queen

Australian metal outfit, I Killed the Prom Queen released their first album in 8 years last month, and are currently coming to the end of the “Take Action” tour in the US, with the likes of The Devil Wears Prada and The Ghost Inside. So it’s already shaping up to be a massive year for the band after so long out of the game.

They took the time out to talk to us about their new album “Beloved”,  line-up changes and plans for the rest of the year…

Hi there, for those at home can you just quickly tell us who you are…
Hi, I’m Kevin Cameron and I play guitar.
Obviously the band has undergone a lot of line up changes since it’s initial formation / reformation, do you think you’re set now for a good while?

Absolutely; this lineup is the strongest it’s ever been, which is funny because we were predominately the same lineup for about 10 years: but with all the touring this year as a refreshed unit it definitely feels that way, the live sets are more energetic and tighter and playing wise everyone’s stepped up a tonne.

Has it been tough adjusting to the line up changes? does it make it easier / harder in the songwriting process?

Not really, people outside the band seem to make it seem a bigger deal than it has been; as I said earlier IKTPQ was steady for a decade with 4 of us playing on every release after the first demo, it was only the year prior to the new record that extra changes came in. Jamie has been with the group for 3x longer than the previous vocalist so I don’t look at him as a new member. As for songwriting, jona and I have always shared that duty so there was never any danger of it not sounding like an IKTPQ album, so our same dark Swedish inspired metal harmonising is still throughout, with some fresher enhancements thrown in dynamic wise. Writing wise, this album was more democratic than previous, I only wrote 3 whole tracks likewise with jona, so the other half the album was written as a full band which really allowed everyone to have their voice on where the tracks went which I preferred in some ways.

Your latest album “Beloved” has just been released, what’s the reaction to that been like?

Overwhelming really; it’s hard for me to ever look at this more than a hobby where I get to travel alot, so in the writing approach (from my perspective) we weren’t being very dramatic or setting goals or anything, it really was “let see how it goes” and now it’s out and snowballing faster than we anticipated that’s really cool. The market for this branch if music is so cluttered I was really cautious to how our first new music since 05/06 would be noticed and yeah, the reaction has been super positive.

Some of the lyrics on the record are pretty deep and dark in a way, where’s the inspiration for them come from?

I wouldn’t totally want to speak for Jamie here, but id disagree to a point as I know his intention was to stay away from the current trendy/cliches lyrically in this genre; a lot of young bands are using shock, misogyny and offensiveness with their fantasy bravado to stand out which is really juvenile, and I know for the majority of the record Jamie’s approach is mostly in a positive realm. Sort of inspiring “moving forward from a negative place” message rather than dwelling in that spot.

If you had to choose one, which would be your personal favorite track off the new album? any you’re particularly looking forward to playing live?

It changes daily; live at current To The Wolves and Calvert Street go down really well, for me personally I’m looking forward to Melior and Beaten Path’s inclusion to the set as I wrote those tracks with “live” energy in mind and I have a soft spot for them overall

The “Take Action tour”, you’re playing with some pretty impressive names, that must be pretty exciting?

Yeah we have been out with Prada and TGI through the USA this previous month so it’s turning into a well oiled package.

What are your plans for after the Take Action tour?  can we be expecting any UK dates any time soon?

We all head out on the Progression tour through Europe and UK in may along with Caliban whom we have toured with before in 2004 and 2007 so it’ll be great to see them again. So yeah the Devil Wears Prada, Ghost Inside and us will be spending a lot of miles together in USA, Europe and UK these next few months; finishing up with the Slam Dunk fest dates. Onwards from that we have a lot of pending UK dates we are waiting to confirm throughout the second half of the year.

Is there a big difference in the kind of crowds you get in the UK than in America and back in Australia?

Not really, I guess overseas crowds are a lot more grateful because we don’t play outside of home as much, but everywhere is similarly welcoming. Shows back home are obviously our biggest market but with the new record out, other continents are also growing in numbers.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to as a band in 2014?

I know Ben and I are hoping to catch some Cult Of Luna dates in Europe while we are over ha, as a band just eating new vegan treats across the globe and playing as many shows as possible with the new songs!

Cheers Kevin and best wishes for the tour!

Interviewer: Brad Lengden