45°: We catch up with… THE MAINE, on tour with Deaf Havana

Warming up for Deaf Havana for their duration of their current UK tour were Arizona rock stars, The Maine. 45 Magazine were lucky enough to catch them at their Manchester Academy show.

With just a 45 minute slot to play material from their now four album back catalogue including a smattering of numbers to show off from their last LP, 2013’s ‘Forever Halloween’, the band delivered a set that was all killer. Part Black Keys, part foo fighters, part Aerosmith at times, from their energy bursting live performances it’s not hard to see how Raconteurs man Brendan Benson ended up producing their last LP.

Drawing a big crowd for 8’oclock on a Saturday night, the masses were all in and fervently expecting some sweat and blood rock’n’roll. In the short and sweet set, the band gunned through a set of explosive numbers from visceral opener “Run” straight through to the epic college rock riffage of “Right Girl”. Throw in rapturously received versions of the shuffling anthem “Growing Up” and the strangely uplifting “Like We Did (Windows Down)” to close and through the torrent of appreciative hand claps and woops you would have been forgiven for thinking the night ended there.

More often than not the support slot is a time to grab a beer, catch up with mates and perhaps cast a cursory ear into whoever may be playing. Tonight, The Maine ensured all ears and eyes were on them from start to end and, dare we say it, even had the audacity to upstage their headliners. – TW

45 Magazine caught up with drummer of The Maine, Pat Kirch after the show…. See our interview below!


Hey there Pat!


We really enjoyed you in Manchester Academy tonight. Have you got any good or bad experiences of playing Manchester before?

We have always had a great time in Manchester and the crowds always have a bunch of energy. It kind of feels like playing on the east coast of the United States where there is just something a little different about the crowd. They seem more energized!

This tour is in support your fourth and latest LP, ‘Forever Halloween’. How has the response to the new material been so far on the road?

It has been going great! We are playing some songs off the record that we have never played before on this tour and it has been going over great so far. We are playing for a large amount of new people so they don’t know what record a song is from. We are just playing what feels good to us for this tour.

Just recently you guys have brought out an all acoustic EP too. What inspired this? Did the acoustic arrangements change your perspective on how you wanted the songs performed live?

We have always talked about wanting to do an acoustic EP and the timing just finally worked out! We wanted to do new songs as opposed to just reworking and recording our old songs. That being said, the process didn’t really affect our live show but anytime you do something different and out of your contort zone it changes how you think. We are always trying to push the music forward for each tour we do.

You’re touring with Deaf Havana at the moment. Do you think you guys have mutually inspired each other in any way?

Not in any direct way but they are a pretty badass band so we know we have bring the noise on this tour and keep the energy up.

Any good stories of Rock’n’roll excess to share from the road so far?

Nothing too crazy so far! We have been having a good time though, having drinks with the Deaf Havana dudes is always fun.

Festival season is nearly upon us. Which ones are you looking forward to? Is there any festival in particular you’ve had your sights on but haven’t been asked to play/ made it yet?

We would love to play Reading! We have only done the Warped Tour as far as UK festivals go so that is on the bucket list.


Your latest LP was recorded live through an analog tape machine. How important do you think it is for a band to be completely transparent with their ability to perform live? 

It is just so easy to fake things these days with the way that technology has advanced. We really wanted to see what we could do without any of that and really capture an energy that we are not hearing many bands in our circle doing these days. It is kind of sad how fake a lot of music has become and it is so easy to see through some of it. People are doing it for reasons beyond just playing music they enjoy.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers were recently pulled over the coals for miming during their Superbowl show. When The Maine find themselves in the same situation next year (think positive!) would you concede a real live performance to play the prestigious slot? 

We would fight to be able to actually play! We don’t have much of an interest in making a music video on live TV hahaha

Cheers mate and good luck with the rest of the tour!


Words: Thom Williams

Photos: Jay Boradhurst