45 RPM: Upcoming Singles get the 45 Treatment – (17/03/2014)

1 Week – 15 Singles – < 45 words to review that tune. Challenge accepted…

"Southern by name, Southern by Nature" - ** Track of the week **

“Southern by name, Southern by nature” – SOUTHERN are… **Track of the week**

1. Southern – “Where the Wild Are” ———– ** TRACK OF THE WEEK **

Without doubt, sibling duo Thom & Lucy Southern have made the most rootin’ tootin’ single of the year. Southern by name, southern by nature – this sounds like Jimmy Page jamming with Mazzy Star in a saloon. Yeee hawww! Erm quite…. – TW

2. Juce – “Braindead”

Recorded in a smoke machine and laser-filled studio, “Braindead”‘s pervasive groove makes you wonder whether it could have been recorded any other way. Toe tappingly percussive patters and pelvis thrustingly funky bass – leave your brain at the door and lose yourself to dance.  – TW

3. Jamie Lenman – ‘It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman – All The Things You Hate”
2 minutes of lolloping banjos, swelling choruses and rousing string sections from the Mumfords school of dull. Yawn. So how do we finish this song thought Lenman. How about 5 minutes of guitar thrashing so vicious Slayer would blush? That’ll do nicely. Unbelievable. – TW

4. Shit Robot – “Do That Dance”
Fresh from working with The Juan MaClean, Nancy Whang returns to deliver another slice of commanding vocals for her DFA label mates, Shit Robot. Pure DFA from start to finish, it’s dance music for the hell of it, zero pretence, maximum fun.  – JT

5. Driving Lolita – “Swing Me”
Managing to rip off the Prodigy’s entire back catalogue in one track is impressive. Swing me, however, is not. The attempted sleaze factor comes off as hammier than Piers Morgan’s sweaty face in a strip club. Avoid. – JT

6. Moulettes – “Constellations”
A lopsided and lilting melody that sounds like Kate Bush teaming up with Shout Out Louds and Arcade Fire. Famous fans including Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets) and Arthur Brown have been queuing up to collaborate on this record. It’s easy to see why. – TW

7. Clubs – “Bleed”

Clubs will be big. Bleed is simple, well produced indie, with a heavy nod towards Kings of Leon in the vocals. Expect to hear it sound tracking a euphoric moment on BBC 3 soon. – JT

8. Owls – “Ancient Stars Seed…”

Owls have returned with their first release in 13 years. Still flying the post-rock flag, this comeback single blends lashings of Television, The Hold Steady and Slint, with off kilter guitar arpeggios and disorienting vocals from Tim Kinsella. Heady stuff.  – TW

Painful adolescent, voice-breaking vocals obscured any chance to understand the lyrics and enjoy the song which actually features some nice guitar tones. There is very much first jam, sixth form band vibe about the way the song is structured and recorded. – LS

9. TELEMAN – “Lady Low”

If you can’t feel your eyes drooping during this woozy lullaby, you probably need to lay off the pro-plus kids. Saxophones bray, bass-lines plod and  guitars are plucked like angelic harps, this siren song makes being “dragged into the deep sea” sound really quite lovely… – TW

10. Fat White Family – “Yellow Woman”
A pretty surreal mix of different synths & keyboards, Yellow Woman makes for an extremely trippy spiral of sounds, but despite a semi promising build up, nothing ever really gets going, and the weird array of sounds just never seem to lead to anything. – BL

11. Of Mice & Men – “Bones Exposed”
A colossal explosion of energy from start to finish, Of Mice & Men absolutely nail the mixture of clean melodic vocals with front man Austin Carlile’s goose bump inducing screams, which all build up to an absolutely huge blockbuster ending. – BL

12. Bad Suns – “Cardiac Arrest”
A really catchy little indie tune, nothing more, nothing less, it’s a pretty simple concept for a song but what it lacks in the song writing / lyrics department, it more than makes up for in the sheer “gets stuck in your head” factor. – BL

13. Circa Waves – “Stuck In My Teeth

Still mourning The Vaccines unfortunate demise? Do not despair. Circa Waves are here. “Stuck in My Teeth” is an upbeat, jittery indie-pop song with catchy melody and clean, slick production and a subtle nod to The Strokes and early-Noughties penny-a-dozen indie bands. – LS

14. Painted Palms – “Forever” 

“Forever” is like ordering a korma at an Indian restaurant. Mild, calm and pleasant but if caught enjoying it, you’d be in for some stick. Its sickly-sweet melody feels tiresome after a few listens and is not even salvaged by immediately forgettable lyrics. – LS

15. Franz Ferdinand – “Erdbeer Mund”
“Erdbeer Mund” is essentially a new wave, Gary Numan-esque track but sung in German. The product of a bizarre and disconcerting collaboration with German band Sparks the track is somewhat redeemed by its catchy pop melody and is less of a car crash than you’d expect. – LS

Words: Bradley Lengden, Luke Smith, James Tucker & Thom Williams