45 RPM #5: This Week’s Singles Get the 45 Treatment… (25/04/2014)

1 Week – 15 Singles – < 45 words to review that tune…


Darling Sun: Mona and Maria are TRACK OF THE WEEK with “My Sun”

1. Mona & Maria – My Sun – ** TRACK OF THE WEEK **

Space, depth and atmosphere kissed with soft female harmonies. Blending acoustic music with electronic nuance, the song floats, drifts and swoons around the room with romantic flutters and symphonic folk. – LS

2. Nightmares – Cujo

It’s hard to make a song in this genre these days without it sounding pretty generic, unfortunately it does sound a little bit too familiar and never really pushes the boat out. – BL

3. Reachback – Saviour
Saviour is an upbeat pop rock song, which is heavy on the melody and superhero references. Crying out to be on a Marvel soundtrack, this light and breezy number is pleasant enough and will appeal to anyone who likes their pop with a little edge and a warm fuzzy feeling. – NJ

4. FAUX FUR – Rough Palms

Offensively banal. – LS

5. I Am A Camera – Lost In Love (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

Not sure you heard but apparently House is in at the moment? Y’know 4/4 beat, sunshine soaked calypso-botic synths and despondent vocals coolly lulling rhymes about “beautiful lives” and “blue skies”? Well, sounds a bit like this really. Party banger, maybe not the most original. – TW

6. Drive-By Truckers – Made Up English Oceans

A sombre organ spreads morbidly over a insistent bassline as Mike Cooley rasps, spits and mutters discerningly about youth with Deep South glazed vocals. Written as if from the perspective of radical republican Lee Atwater, this is a challenging but intriguing listen. – TW

7. Howie B – Down With The Dawn

It’s sort of an experience. The kind of thing you do once. A sedate drugs trip. There is an array of noises that dance around the throbbing bassline with no apparent structure. It’s sort of beautiful and bizarre at the same time. – LS

7. Chris Garneau – Reindeer

Poignant and whimsical, it’s hard to define Reindeer’s sound as anything other than lightly ‘atmospheric’. Its symphonies will gently tug at your heart strings even if it feels like it doesn’t really travel to any real destination. – NJ

9. MARY GAUTHIER – Falling out of love

“It’s a cheap hotel, the heat pipes hiss, the bathroom’s down the hall and it smells like piss”. Hotel California, this ain’t. Raw and ragged Country from the heart of Nashville. Like Patti Smith and Neil Young making rough and grisly love. In a good way. – TW

10. Bipolar Sunshine – Where Did The Love Go (A-Minor remix)

This remix takes a melancholy story of unrequited love and heartbreak and turns it into a carefree club-friendly tune, sure to be a hit on the dance floor. Unrecognisable from the original, it looses some of its spark but remains good enough to appeal to a new audience. – NJ

Santino’s strong pop vocals make this break-up song a heartfelt and genuine one with a bucket load of soul. Its pleasant melody with a little bit of bite will earn this talented songwriter a good amount of new fans. One to watch for pop success. – NJ

12. Blair Dunlop – Something’s Gonna Give Way
Country and rockabilly coat, resting on the shoulders the young Willy Wonka. There’s almost inevitability about modern folk-pop music nowadays. Riding Ben Howard and Mumford and Sons coat tales down a spiral of bouncy banjo banality. – LS

13. Raglans – Digging Holes

Goes a a bit further than the usual mind numbing flow of indie music that we’ve had lately, won’t set the world on fire, but a really catchy and unique tune. – BL

14. Shift k3y – Touch
Was it just me or did the Disclosure bandwagon just get heavier? Oh hello Shift K3Y. Frenetic garage beats, swish synthesisers and sultry vocals made up a formula that the Lawrence brothers nailed. This tries, but falls a bit short really. – TW

15. Gentle Friendly – Wild Grass
I’m honestly not sure what it’s supposed to be, seems like they’ve tried that hard to make something obscure and new that the actual song writing aspect has been abandoned. – BL