45 RPM #4: We Review This Week’s Singles (14/04/2014)

1 Week – 15 Singles – < 45 words to review that tune…

Duologue_Memex_pack shot

“Memex on the Beach” – The seductive tones of “Duologue” are… TRACK OF THE WEEK

1. Memex – “Duologue” – ** TRACK OF THE WEEK **

“Memex” is a slow, eerie atmospheric number peppered by beautiful notes and echoing electronics. In the same school as London Grammar but way more chill-out, Duologue’s latest should be listened to whilst sitting on a beach looking at the bluest ocean you can find. – NJ

2. Menzingers – “Don’t wanna be an…”

The Mezingers bring us a self-deprecating pop-punk track which sounds like it belongs in the background of the opening credits of a rom-com starring Ashton Kutcher. A catchy chorus makes it memorable, but not ground-breaking. – NJ

3. Slydigs – “Stiff Upper Lip”

Bluesy Rock and roll nailed to a tee. Adding brass sections and piano to the catchy guitar riffs typical of Slydigs, this is an absolutely massive tune. Very Rolling Stones-esque, so you know it’s got to be decent right? – BL

[Stream still private – sorry kids!]

4. Brody Dalle – “Blood In Gutters”

Spine tingling vocals right from the offset pummel you straight away and lay the foundation for a monstrous chorus which is fore fronted by an explosive guitar riff that enters the realms of The Pixies territory. – BL

4. Say Lou Lou – “Everything We Touch” (Yannis Foals remix)

The Foals main man has teamed up with 2013 touring buddies Say Lou Lou for this terrific remix of their ice-cold cut “Everything We Touch”. Space-age laser synths open up portals of futuristic tunefulness. – TW

5. Voyager – “The Long Lane”

A bit of a different take on a typical “metal” track, with a lengthy (but not too lengthy) atmospheric mellow opening introduces an onslaught of well-crafted heavy noise punctuated by similar atmospheric interludes creeping in throughout. – BL

6. Little Matador – “Stitch Yourself Up”

Stitch Yourself Up is exactly what the band has done. Intending to bite your hand off, it ends up slobbering on your wrist. – LS

7. Cheatahs – “Leave to Remain”

In the wake of so many bands that have tried and failed to sound as ground-breaking as My Bloody Valentine, shoe gaze try-hards are often sneered at by the critics. However, “Leave to Remain” is nothing to sneer at. If the wormhole guitars and motorik drums don’t get your blood pumping, little will. – TW

8. Cherub – “Doses and Mimosas”

As soulful vocals set adrift over a sea of bubbling synths and a hummucky groove, the uber cool chillwave vibes of “Doses and Mimosas” will have you wanting to immerse yourself in this perfect pop track again and again. – TW

9. Bear Trade – “If Stoic Was Normal”

Fast paced drumming, simple punchy riffs and gritty vocals, a sort of back to basics punk track, just as punk music should be, weirdly reminiscent to early Blink 182 stuff and a hugely impressive track. – BL

10. Reptile Youth – “Above”

Lively and bordering chaotic the track spans multiple genres and pins them together by a looping bass groove. It is the perfect descriptor for the term ‘new music’ its so fresh and modern and keeps you guessing as each new layer is introduced sporadically. – LS

11. Mapei – “Don’t Wait”

Heart palpatating basslines, battle-cry drum crashes and off-kilter string prangs, this is the sort chest swelling pop music Beyonce should be making. – TW

12. Johnny Flynn – “Bottom of the sea Blues”

Sounding like a farmer at a village fair performing tracks he composed in his barn, it’s fairly pleasant country folk and as inoffensive as a warm hug. This song passes you by like a soft and pleasant daydream. – LS

13. Human Hair – “Hungers”

In “Hungers”, Human Hair unleash three minutes of adrenalin-filled indie-rock pop reminiscent of the early days of The Strokes. Powerful and rousing enough to stick with you, a great track to accompany the start of summer. – NJ

14. Coronation Ball – “God Be Careful”

A song that somehow manages to pull off the extremely difficult feat of sounding anthemic and arty simultaneously. Cascading string sections and a bellowing chorus spill over tribal drum smashes. Chin-stroking stuff. – TW

15. Gang of Youths – “Evangelists”

Sounding like The Killlers being met halfway by The Gaslight Anthem in an echo chamber, this interesting coalition of sound leads you down dead ends and false starts. Ultimately these corridors lead to nowhere, until you’re fed up and decide it’s time to switch over. – LS