45 RPM #3: We Review This Week’s Singles

1 Week – 15 Singles – < 45 words to review that tune…


Jessica Lea Mayfield: She wants to Love you, honest…

1. Jessica Lea Mayfield – “I Wanna Love You” – ** TRACK OF THE WEEK **

A slice of pure Americana, “I Wanna Love You” is a simple country-rock song, which despite it’s disarmingly melodic, upbeat tone, is underwritten by sinister lyrics documenting the protagonist’s obsessive love with an unspecified man. Creepy and catchy at the same time – JT

2. Dj Snake & Li’l Jon – “Turn Down for What”

Turn Down For What; the aural equivalent of any MTV show, where knuckle dragging individuals repeatedly try to smash their genitals into each other. It’s no surprise that this is exactly what the video shows, albeit with a humorous spin. Watch it once, laugh and never let it darken your door again. – JT

3. Gruff Rhys – “American Interior”

The ever-prolific Welsh national treasure Gruff Rhys is back with a new album, new film, new book and live dates. First cut from the LP “American Interior” is laced with fizzing guitar solos and graceful piano flourishes that make for a truly rewarding listen. – TW

4. Sam Smith – “Stay With Me”

The soulful sound of 2014. Sam smith hits us with a down tempo gospel inspired number set upon a gentle piano riff. His voice is undeniably lovely and the song is a nice contrast to the pop track Money On My Mind. – LS

5. Blueprint Blue – “Rattlesnakes”

Sunset in southern America, evocative of country and blues. This track could be narrated by ‘Seasick Steve’, ‘Lou Reed’ or ‘Brittany Howard’. Instead of the crackly whisky soaked vocals however we get gentle melodic croak the captures the essence of its live performance bum notes and all.  – LS

6. Joywave – “Tongues”

It sounds like it could get irritating. Kind of Tiger Tiger/Zante sort of music. Occasionally it tries to be melodic but is undermined by an urge to use a looping sample.  – LS

7. Yann Tiersen – “A Midsummer Evening”

Arcade Fire meets Interpol meets beige wallpaper. This song can pass you by like a breeze, cool refreshing but it instantly fades from your recent memory for a more satisfying thought.  – LS

8. Black Stone Cherry – “Me and Mary Jane”

Shedloads of grit and distortion one and Black Stone Cherry are back on the scene with this colossal not so subtle tip of the hat to the green stuff, just in case that wasn’t obvious from the title “Me and Mary Jane”. – BL

9. Itch – “Children of the Revolution”
As raw as it gets, Itch has got it spot on with his latest venture in his new solo career, absolutely nailing the mix between hip hop, punk and a catchy melodic chorus. Some of his finest solo work to date. – BL

10. Toseland – “Crash Landing”
Gets off to a promising start, almost grunge if you will, but a few chords in it just seems to lose that edginess and moves into a more generic sort of pop tune, it’ll be to some people’s taste but nothing new. – BL

11. Andrew Jackson Jihad – “Children of God”

A little bit bizarre, but in a good way, it has this strange sort of ska feeling to it, but a more fun accessible one, no idea how else to describe it, but who cares if it works! – BL

12. Beginners – “Who Knows”

Blending the harpy vocals of Karen O and the knock-em-dead swooning power-pop of Cults, “Who Knows” sounds like an advertiser’s wet dream. Cinematic, lush and up-beat, this will be a hit and rightfully so. Enjoy it now, before it’s innevitably associated with mobile phones forever more. – TW

13. Rita Ora – “I Will Never Let you Down”

Bouncy-ball basslines, Atari-synths and sugar spun guitar lines boldly announce the come-back of pop starlet, Rita Ora. With new squeeze Calvin Harris on production duties, I don’t think I have to say any more to suggest this song will be massive.

14. Boreal Sons – “Sparks”

Self-professed “Cinematic Art Rock” peddlers Boreal Sons do in fairness sum themselves up to a tee. Swiping a subtext decoder over this, the genre could also be translated as “Slow Pretentious Lifeless”. – TW

15. Hurray for the Riff Raff – “End of the Road”

Basking in the Raggle-taggle gypsy folk The Waterboys mastered, supported with a tipsy stumbling melody and enshrouded in the warm oak-aged vocals of Alynda Lee Segarra, “End of the Road” is a very loveable folk song. – TW

Words: Bradley Lengden, James Tucker, Luke Smith & Thom Williams