45 RPM: #2 – Upcoming Singles get the 45 Treatment (25/03/2014)

 1 Week – 15 Singles – < 45 words to review that tune…

Textbook stuff: Matthew & The Atlas are...   ** TRACK OF THE WEEK **

Textbook stuff: Matthew & The Atlas are…   ** TRACK OF THE WEEK ** 

1. Matthew & The Atlas – “Nowhere Now” – ** TRACK OF THE WEEK **

Raw, simple and effective, “Nowhere Now” employs Matthew Hegarty’s sumptuous singing voice and incredible, climactic backing vocals to full effect. A sensational song that sounds like The National colliding with TV On The Radio. – BL

2. LTNT – “Body Blood”
Grunge pop is probably the best way to sum up this track. Built around one really simple but memorable riff, and the huskier / darker vocals work actually work quite well with the more mainstream / friendly ones.- BL

3. Your Favorite Enemies – “Where Did We Lose Each Other?”
It just never really makes an impact, there’s far too much use of auto tune, making the whole thing just sound to over produced and plastic. Will probably be forgotten as quickly as it’s heard.- BL

4. Prince Ft Zooey Deschanel – “FALLINLOVE2NITE”

Yep, the two have actually done a collaboration. This one’s bordering on the line of catchy and corny, just like any other generic pop song really and it’s bit of a let down on Prince’s behalf. Not his best work. – BL

5.The Horrors – “So Now You Know”

Massively atmospheric beginning which continues on as an undertone throughout, it works really well with all the surreal samples and echoey effects the track uses, makes for a pretty impressive tune. – BL

6. Catfish & The Bottlemen – “Kathleen”

Devoid of hipster-isms its old fashioned in name and nature. There’s nothing particularly fresh or new about it. It’s like a car air freshener, it lifts the mood of a room for a moment but after a while it’ll just fade away in the breeze.

7. Bipolar Sunshine – “Where did all the love go?”

Beautiful, upbeat piano driven melody with a catchy hook and a smooth vocal delivery, there is so much to like about this track and is evocative of summer nights and carelessness. It’ll put you in a good mood and be riding round your mind for days. 

8. Howling Bells – “Slowburn”

It’s a bit like if Best Coast sunk their teeth into a meaty melody. Fuzzy and hazy stoner-rock its simple and sweet from the Aussie 4-piece and at a brisk 2 minutes thirty it doesn’t outstay its welcome. – LS

9. Calvin Harris – “Summer”

If you’ve ever listened to Calvin Harris, you probably already know how this sounds. A thrown-together meaningless melody pinning together a repetitious verse riff and an all-out synth chorus. Just like most mainstream party anthems, it’s outstandingly shite. – LS

10. Seahaven – “Love to Burn”

Atmospheric and dreamy, this melancholy number swells and drifts along a driving bass line and an emotional vocal delivery. It’s like a reverb soaked memory, its retrospective and smooth. Like an arm round your shoulder on a bad day, this is reassuring and kindly music. – LS

11. Tanika – “Fucking with My Heart”

From the school of Ben Pearce and Duke Dumont comes another chunk of deep house with savvy pop-sensibilities. Rippling piano strikes, off-guard drum rolls and a bass line that’ll bounce straight from the airwaves and into clubs put this in contention for huge success. – TW

12. The Kooks – “Down”

Earworm alert. The Kooks are back, but this time it sounds like they’ve swapped their vests and straw hats for berets, polo necks and goatees. Fusing Toots-aping ska vocals, Tom Vek-meets-“Gimme Shelter” percussion, throw in some “down, down, diggidy, down”s and the result, an undeniably catchy record. – TW

13. Omi Palone – “Shallow Divide”

This is a track that refuses to let up from the very first second. Greyhound guitars,  fidgeting basslines and a motorik drum-beat, this song sounds like Maximo Park teaming up with Ride, but better. – TW

14. God Damn – “Shoe Prints In The Dust”

2014 looks to be the year of the duo. Hairy pairs across the land are fiercely competing in a rock arms-race where noise and man-power are inversely proportional. Royal Blood have entered their imperial phase but on this form God Damn pose a serious threat. – TW

15. Girl Band – “Law Man”

Fans of sado-horticulture tune in because “Law Man” sounds like the most perverted gardening ever. Guitars so fuzzed up they can only be compared with the teeth-on-flesh hackings of a chainsaw propel straight through tortured, guttural yelps. Illicit stuff, but worth getting your hands dirty. – TW