45°: We meet… Twin Atlantic

We caught up with Ross from Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic just after the release of their brand new album ‘Great Divide’.

Q. Hi, how are you?
A. I’m better than great.

Q. How do you think you’ve come on as a band with the release of the new album ‘Great Divide’ compared to the days ‘A Guidance From Colour’?
A. I think we’ve learned a lot about each other and how we work together as a band, and that’s helped us write better songs and tie the vocals and music together more.

Q. Has the writing process get easier/harder the longer you’ve been together? Has it differed at all for the new record?
A. I don’t think it gets harder, I actually think it’s easier. Once you know the way that each other like to work and how we’ve got to the end of our best songs in the past, it helps to focus the process of writing music together. I think we tried things on this record that we had never done before and that has helped to keep things fresh. We were all at the studio together, but working individually on things trying to better what we had. I think that made the album feel like more of a reflection of all of our tastes and personalities more than anything we’ve recorded in the past.

Q. Are there any particular influences on the lyrics for the new album?
A. The general influence throughout the record is the transition between childhood and adulthood, and all the things that go along with growing into yourself and finding your place in the world.

Q. Have any particular bands or other musicians that have had any influence on it?
A. Sam tried to listen to a lot of old music from the 60s throughout the writing of the record. Aside from that we’ve not tried to hide behind what’s expected of a rock band. Doing that it made it much easier to actually represent our influences better. There’s not really any particular artists, but we’d been listening to a whole lot of different music than we ever had before, from solo pianists to pop.

Q. ‘Great Divide’ is your first UK top 10 album, that must feel pretty special?
A. It was a crazy feeling to see the chart at the end of the week of release, yea. It’s something we’d never thought about, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t blown away by it and happy about it.

Q. You’ve toured with some huge names even from the earlier stages of your career, do you ever get overwhelmed when playing the same bill as bands like Biffy Clyro and Blink 182?
A. I don’t think so, no. We’ve been really lucky to be asked to play with a lot of big bands over the years, but they’re just people, the fans are just people, and we’re really proud of our music and enjoy playing it more than anything else.

Q. What are some of your most memorable tour moments?
A. I think playing Glastonbury this year was a big thing for us. We’ve watched it for years and wanted to play, but it’s never really been a rock band festival. To be asked to play was a big honour for us.

Q. If you could tour with any band, who would it be?
A. I would love to tour with U2. They play the biggest venues in the world and they’re probably the biggest band too. I think the fact that they’ve managed to stay relevant for so many decades is pretty unreal.

Q. You’ve got a UK tour coming up over the next couple of months, how does playing the UK compare to playing Europe or America?
A. Our band has more people that want to come and see us in the UK, so that’s the main thing I suppose. I think we’ve grown up hearing of bands playing UK venues and have more of a sense of what that means, so that’s probably why it’s more special for us.

Q. Are there any places in particular you’re looking forward to playing on the tour?
A. All of our shows have become a bit of a party, so there’s not really any city that I’m looking forward to playing more than others. I think playing the Roundhouse in London feels like a big achievement, so that’s maybe the venue I’m most excited about. We’ve never set foot in the place so it will be pretty overwhelming at first I think.

Q. Finally, have you got any other big plans in the pipeline after this UK tour?
A. We’re heading all over Europe and America before Christmas, then Australia early next year before we’re back to the UK to play more shows. Basically just playing to anybody who wants to hear the new record.