45 DEGREES: Introducing… CLUBS

As the sun peaks meekly through the bleakness of winter for the first time in what seems like millenia, nationwide coats are shed with an almost audible thud, skin so lacking in Vitamin D it blinds motorists at level crossings is flashed and cider sales pick up a gazillion percent. It seems in weeks like this that people just can’t wait for those long balmy summer days.  Well, if you’ve been judging ‘those nutters in shorts already’, look no further for your first taster of summery goodness than Clubs‘ recent single “Bleed”.

The emergence of an infectious calypso-like guitar line mid-way through the song seems forged for festivals dance-athons to come as you giddily slop a pint of what you think may once have been beer and lose yourself to its insatiable groove. Needless to say, as soon as we realised we were a millions miles away in a festival utopia soundtracked by this tune and snapped out no it, 45 Magazine was hooked.

It’s safe to say this Leicester five-piece haven’t been hibernating over the winter, instead choosing to coop themselves up in Foals‘ very-own Oxford Studio, where, with the help of Kit from Trophy Wife, distilled the sound of summer on record.
With what will surely be a big summer ahead of them, we caught up with the lads to find out exactly what’s on the agenda for Clubs.

Hey Guys, let’s get started. Tell us a little about yourself…

We’re Clubs, a five piece band from Leicester consisting of CJ Pandit (Vocals/Guitar), Dan Balment (Guitar), Joe Phelan (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Ben Mason (Bass), Chris Cox (Drums).

How did you guys meet and what was the deciding factor for wanting to form a band?

We’ve all been friends since we were younger, and were the only 5 people who wanted to make music/be in a band, so it seemed like we should all do something together.

You’ve been called “progressive / Indie”. How would you best describe your music?

We’ve always struggled to define our genre, it’s not something we feel is that important as anyone you speak to has a different opinion and tells you something different.

Who are you biggest musical influences?

Everyone has so many different influences, but the ones that are most prominent are probably Maccabees, Wu Lyf and Fleetwood Mac.

Have you made any records yet that you think make a fitting nod to those influences?

It’s hard to say, we can’t be the ones to judge it. All of our influences are referenced in anything we write, even if it’s subconsciously. Anything your listening to at the minute always filters through somehow.

Are there plans for a full album and UK tour later in the year?

We’d like to think some more material will surface at some point this year. We’re looking to get out and play as many shows as possible through the summer and then head out again September onwards.

The Birmingham, or B-Pop scene has been given a lot of coverage at the moment, with Swim Deep, Peace and Superfood at the forefront. Do you see a similar scene extending from that to other Midlands cities such as your home-town Leicester?

It’s really hard to say as it all happened so quickly. These things come and go so fast as music is quite disposable nowadays so who knows. Leicester’s scene is definitely on the rise and there’s a good bunch of bands that could do well. So we’ll see.

We’re featuring your current release “Bleed” on the site – tell us about how it came about?

Who else should we check out in Leicester at the moment?

We like the idea of creating spaces, and it started off as one massive drone. We started adding a bit of structure to it all then took it into the studio. We worked with Kit Monteith of Trophy Wife who helped develop all of our outlandish ideas into something that made sense. Cream Tangerines and Mahalia are worth checking out.

“Rock’n’Roll will Never Die!” – Alex Turner. Discuss.

You can’t read too much into it, he said what needed saying. It’s still being spoken about 3 weeks later so he’s obviously done the right thing. It’s just the same as Miley Cyrus licking everything really. He’s in the biggest band in the world at the minute and people pay attention to what he says. It’s selling their records and shifting tickets so fair play.

You’ve in the middle of a short tour at the moment. Any stories of rock’n’roll debauchery to share?

After our show at Christmas, someone ended up in a fight with a womble,  pretty weird.

Cheers fellas!

Don’t Miss Clubs on Tour!

21st Mar –        AKA, Banbury

27th Mar –        Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

New Clubs single “Bleed” is on Sound Cloud now. Listen Here: