Top 3 James Bond Actors Ranked

With the new Bond film, Spectre due for release on the 26th and Daniel Craig leaving the 007 life behind it occurred to me that he was one of my favourite actors who play Bond.

Then after further discussion with other Bond fans – my family mainly who also love Bond as much as me – I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top three.


At number three it had to be Pierce Brosnan. He was the Bond I grew up with, the first Bond in my life as it were. His portrayal of Bond is quintessentially nineties in my eyes. The cheesy one lines, the silly gadgets and the ever so easy womanising. He’s clean cut and respectable looking which helps you to believe that he is a modern day British spy.


Number two has to be Sean Connery. For some people yes he is Bond, the original and the best. Trust me I agree but for me he comes across as too rigid as Bond. Steely eyed and charming but at times for me seems wooden. I think it comes to a different generation aspect; he was very much the sixties gentleman, something I can’t really relate too. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy his films, they are some of his are the best Bond films but I don’t see him as the best one himself.


Then my number one actor has to be the latest Bond, Daniel Craig. This might look like the easy option but I personally feel he took Bond back down to its roots. The gritty side of being a secret agent in the modern world. The gadgets look realistic, the relationship he has with M is the thing that really sells it for me. Craig and Dame Judy Dench bounce off each other so fantastically I thought it was such a shame when her character died in Skyfall. It wasn’t till Quantum of Solace that I was sold on Craig; don’t get me wrong Casino Royale was a good film but it was a new era so for me the next film was always going to be make or break. I also believe as I am older, maybe not wiser, he’s the Bond I’ve been able to connect better with. But of course that’s just my opinion.

But this could all change depending on the next Bond actor…

Spectre is out in the UK on the 26th of October.