Top 10 Films of 2015 – Jayna Patel

Wow, just wow. I know they say this in all end of year round ups but 2015 well and truly has been a whopper of a year for film. The year opened with the much anticipated embrace of the seductive 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day and we’ve still got eagerly awaited movie that everyone’s talking about- Star Wars: The Force Awakens out on December 17th to look forward to. But without further ado here’s my nominations for the Top Ten Films of 2015.

10. The Divergent Series: Insurgent
I reckon most post-apocalyptic films are always great and the second movie in the Divergent franchise has a strong female lead in Tris, akin to The Hunger Games which is a big plus. The revolution reverie that you get swept up in during this film to take down cruel leader Jeanine (the most un-villain like name I know) depicted with a chilling performance by Kate Winslet, means the first part of the final instalment of the franchise, Allegiant tipped for an 11th march 2016 release, is worth getting excited for.

9. Spy
Jason Statham shedding his bad-ass demeanour and endless laugh-out-loud-splutter-into-your-popcorn gags from Melissa McCarthy and Miranda Hart make this film pure fun and excuses the weak storyline. With a script that has bucket full of sass, Spy is well worth a watch if you haven’t already enjoyed it this year.

8. San Andreas
This was a thought provoking one for me- making me question how I would react in a huge natural disaster like the one experienced by the Gaines family and the rest of San Francisco when a muddle of earthquakes and tsunamis devastate the north Californian city. Characters are pushed to the limits, family ties strengthened and people’s true colours are revealed in what I think is a great demonstration of human nature and drive. The Rock is pretty awesome too.

7. Chappie
Coming from the director of District 9, Neill Blomkamp, I was expecting a lot from this film. Although the story was a little limp, devoid of many shock twists, it was an endearing Pinocchio-esque scenario with Hugh Jackman interestingly playing a villain, shaking his Wolverine antihero alter-ego and sublime effects making Chappie look great meaning it had to make the top ten.

6. Jurassic World
You’ve got to love this one purely for the nostalgic nods to the older Jurassic classics such as a statue of John Hammond, creator of the original Jurassic Theme Park in Jurassic World, and Dr Henry Wu, the geneticist who created the dinosaurs in the first film, appearing again in this film in the same capacity showing valuable continuity. Awesome dinosaurs, epic animaltronics, adventure and Chris Pratt’s humour are all bonuses.

5. Ant-Man
This film turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be, given that it’s about a flea sized hero. It almost seems like Marvel stripped back some of the superhero splendour and took a comic back to its roots- transforming a deadbeat down-on-his-luck thief into an extraordinary hero giving him a second chance. That being said, Marvel Studios didn’t slack when it came to special effects, with the shrinking scenes of Scott Lang as he transcends into Ant-Man being a visual spectacle. Looks like small heroes are the new trend with Ant Man and the Wasp scheduled for a July 2018 release.

4. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Overthrowing a dictatorship is always satisfying and the conclusion to a whopping big franchise like The Hunger Games is equally sweet. Though the love triangle scenario was getting a little old by this point, the peril that the characters were constantly in was gripping, making you root for them and some raw acting from Jennifer Lawrence, a refreshingly strong female lead, proved captivating. Best of all, this franchise had a finale that did it justice, demonstrating how democracy always kicks a dictatorship’s ass in the end.

3. Spectre
Again, I’m always partial to espionage flicks so the next one had to be the much hyped up Spectre. James Bond’s recent outing took him on a dangerous journey to discover the identity of the ruthless organisation Spectre and eliminate them. Hiring over 1500 extras to stage the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival scene in Mexico, the crew spared no expense in this movie that oozes enigmatic chic and intense action with breath taking stunts- often involving helicopters or something equally as crazy. Yep Spectre did the classic British institution of 007 proud.

2. Terminator Genisys
I’ve always been a huge fan of the Terminator franchise so maybe I’m a little biased on this one but the latest instalment, once you got your head around who had sent who back in time to save who creating what alternative future/past/reality in doing so, didn’t disappoint, making for a compelling, story. Emilia Clarke’s and the God of Acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayals of their characters more than made up for the Jason Clarke’s rather feeble attempt at John Connor, with little nuggets of humour coming from Arnie, playing on his age underpinned with the line ‘old but not obsolete’.

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron
I mean what’s not to love? The synergy between all the super heroes is magnetising, villain Ultron is convincingly formidable, Tony Stark’s sarcastic comments and Thor’s one liners add cheeky charm, while the grandeur of the special effects on a global scale are stunning. Marvel Studios have, in recent years, created an ingenious intricate and interlinked filmic universe based on the intersecting and intertwining comics that came before them and the Avengers franchise is at the helm. If ever there was a film that transported you on an addictive and action packed adventure- it was Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Keep and eye out in 2016 for…
Captain America: Civil War (29th April 2016)
Having not read the comics I’m intrigued to see how a battle between Iron Man and Captain America plays out and of course I’m looking forward to Marvel’s signature special effects, witty humour and gripping plots.