Top 10 Films of 2015 – Jason Broadhurst

Here are the top 10 films I’ve chosen for 2015.

10. Southpaw
Just sneaking into the top 10 is Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw. After an absolutely stellar performance in last years Nightcrawler, he takes to the ring for an absolute rollercoaster of a ride of emotions. Definitely not a film for the light hearted.

9. Spectre
With the previous film Skyfall being dubbed the best movie in the franchise by many critics and myself. Although the film does start with a bang it does start to fizzle out the more it goes on and suffers from plot and character problems but all in all another solid film to add to the Bond collection.

8. The Martian
Ridley Scott adapts Andy Weir’s novel for the big screen and after having a few disappointing outings with both Prometheus and Exodus the pressure was on for him to get this one right. The trailers certainly looked great but then again so did Prometheus, luckily for fans it was a great film that was driven home by the performance of Matt Damon playing the solitary Mark Watney.

7. Spy
In a year of action films it is always great to get one a little more light hearted and full comedy. Melissa McCarthy brings a different twist on a Spy wheras Jason Statham brings a more stereotypical side as Paul Feig brings a hilarious comedy before unleashing his own take of Ghostbusters next year.

6. Jurassic World
Picking up the reigns after the first Jurassic Park (and totally disregarding the 2nd/3rd), the park is now in full flow and accepting visitors. All my earlier reservations about a genetically modified hybrid and raptors being trained were quickly gone as the film goes back to the core element of hunting. Chris Pratt further solidifies his name within Hollywood as well as the relatively unknown Bryce Dallas Howard showcasing her talents as an actress.

5. Inside Out
Quite possibly my favourite Pixar film since UP, a quite brilliant concept showcasing what goes on inside peoples heads and the different emotions that influence our everyday decisions. In typical fashion it can leave you crying with laughter and or sadness one for all the family.

4. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
I must admit I have never been much of a fan of this franchise but when Bad Robot took the helm on Ghost Protocol there seemed to be a new direction with a flair which has been lacking. Despite all the household names including Tom Cruise it is the new addition Rebecca Ferguson that steals the show which has led her to be one of the candidates touted to be Captain Marvel.

3. Ex Machina
Despite totally bypassing me during it’s cinema release I managed to catch it on blu-ray quite early on the basis of it being directed by Alex Garland. New Star Wars recruits Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac show the kind of skills that landed them such big parts in the up and coming movie but we can’t forget just how well Alicia Vikander does portraying the robot ‘Eva’.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road
Again another franchise I have never really seen but George Miller brings Mad Max into the 21st Century with a bang. Despite the film being named after Max it is Furiosa and her heroics that grab all the headlines. Everything scene is bigger and more insane than the last, everything is so ridiculously over the top that it’s brilliant.

1. Sicario
It takes a strong film to knock Mad Max off the top spot but such is the quality of the acting, directing and also the intensity of the film. Having been involved in the MCU films it is great to see Benicio Del Toro finally flourish again. The film also featured 2 of my favourite cinema moments both the intense highway scene and the horrifying opening. Denis Villeneuve continues to push the boundaries and wets our appetite for his take on Blade Runner.