Star Wars: Top 10 Characters

In celebration of the highly anticipated release of Star Wars:The Force Awakens the latest entry in the incredible Star Wars franchise, here is a top ten list of my favourite characters of the entire saga. As a side note I will not be including any characters from the expanded universe novels, just characters that feature in the main series of films. With that being said lets kick this list off starting with number ten…

10. Darth Maul
An incredibly cool character that should have lasted longer in the franchise. Darth Maul is The phantom Menace of Episode I and completely lives up to the name. Simply put he is a very cool character even today and is cemented as a legend in the saga for being a part of one of the best Lightsaber battles in the history of the series.

9. C-3PO
An example that a comedy relief character can work in the Star Wars franchise. You know every time 3PO is on screen you’re going to laugh, the timing is always perfect and you can’t help but the like the lovable protocol droid despite how much he annoys the other characters.

8. Chewbacca
The trusty sidekick to Han Solo had to make the list, always faithful and devoted to his friends especially solo, you just can’t resist but like the brilliant wookie also known as Chewie. The camaraderie between him and Han Solo was clear to see and it was always fun when they interacted.

7. Emperor Palpatine
Malicious, psychotic and the epitome of the dark side of the force. The emperor was the puppet master behind all of the evil in every Star Wars movie until of course the latest entry. His character is not only recognised as being the ruler of the galactic empire but for being the sith lord that turns Anakin Skywalker towards the dark side and for turning him into Darth Vader.

6. R2-D2
How could you not love this character? In every film he features he is important and saves the other main characters in one way or another. The bleep bloop bleeps R2 makes only increases how endearing he is. R2 is brave and is always prepared to enter danger to help people no matter the risk and the pairing of him and 3PO is genius and instant movie magic.

5. Boba Fett
One of the most epic characters in the franchise and it proves that you don’t have to be big on talking to be considered cool. You know someone is badass in the Star Wars universe if Darth Vader shows them respect with even a hint in admiration too. Wears one of the absolute best costumes in the series and a fan favourite in everyone’s minds. Shame he suffers from such a weak death in Return of the Jedi but despite all that Boba Fett will always be held in high regard amongst the fans.

4. Princess Leia
The most awesome and most beautiful princess in the galaxy and knows her way around a blaster too. Leia is a true Star Wars hero and shows she can do things just as good if not better than the men of the franchise. The romance between her and Solo feels so genuine and it’s one of the great highlights of the films. Brave and strong and willing to do everything in her power to rid the galaxy of evil… girls wanted to be her and the boys wanted to be with her (including me).

3. Luke Skywalker
I think every kid when they first watch the original films wanted to be in Luke’s shoes at one time or another. From a naïve farm boy to an absolute legend of a Jedi Knight, Luke progression is defined by each entry he features and you root for him to succeed and overcome every obstacle. He’s the poster boy for the traditional hero and you just have to admire and like a character that goes through a journey like his and fulfils his destiny in the end.

2. Darth Vader
It could have been real easy to add Anakin Skywalker onto this entry too but to me they will always be two very distinct contrasting characters. Vader is the sith personified, intimidating, evil and evokes fear in almost every character he encounters. His voice commands the room and his mere presence always grabs your attention. Absolutely despises failure from his subordinates and will not tolerate it from anyone. Vader is the ultimate badass in the universe and his eventual redemption only makes this characters journey all the more satisfying.

1. Han Solo
Everyone’s favourite scoundrel from a galaxy far far away. The rogue everyone wanted to be in the entire saga. From his one liners and his natural charm, to also being not as clean cut as the other heroes. Hans’s development as someone who is selfish at the beginning to accepting his path as a true hero and a huge thorn in the empires side is wonderful to see. I had to pick him as my number one, Harrison Ford brings the charm and the charisma to the character like no one else could. By his side as always is his best friend Chewbacca flying the incredibly awesome Millennium Falcon together, their somewhat intergalactic bromance never fails to bring a smile to any fan of the series. Han Solo and Leia have the perfect build up towards their blossoming romance and one of the main focal points of Empire. Their interactions to each other only increases Han solos popularity. It’s the same argument I made for Leia making the list… all the girls want him and all the guys want to be him.