REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – ‘Unbowed Unbent Unbroken’REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – ‘Unbowed Unbent Unbroken’

REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – ‘Unbowed Unbent Unbroken’

Season 5 – Episode 6: ‘Unbowed Unbent Unbroken’
We only spoil the current and previous episodes and how they compare to the book. All spoilers/theories can be matched to a number and found at the bottom.

Before I even sat down to watch tonights episode of Game Of Thrones it seems that this episode has split fans straight down the middle and cause controversy more than ever before. But before we get to that scene we start off in Braavos with Arya in the House Of Black And White, where she continues to wash the bodies of the dead. After releasing she is alone in the room she attempts to make a break to a restricted door where they have been taking the dead. Until she is stopped by The Waif who proceeds to tell her a story about her past, but just as you start to believe her she questions it making you no nearer to know who she is and her motives. The next scene Arya is awoken by Jaqen H’ghar as he proceeds to ask her about her past he whips her at every point she is lying, the key lie is when she says she hate him to which she receives a whip. This is something most viewers have drawn as our conclusion but I think this now confirms it. Later in the episode a father brings her daughter to the House Of Black And White and asks Arya to help her, after a brief pause she sits with her and tells her about how drinking from the water helped to save her. Unfortunately for the girl this is not the case, as the following scene shows us. Finally Jaqen deems Arya worthy of seeing what is past the door. What we see next is pretty spectacular… well what we can see as it is pretty dark and dingy. A room full of faces which we can only assume at this point is from all the dead bodies they have been washing. As Arya is mesmerised by what she sees Jaqen makes the point that she still isn’t ready to become no one but she can be some one else. At the minute i’m sitll not convinced Arya’s character arc is coming across well to the viewer as we have had very little screentime for her and not an awl lot has been explained leaving us with just riddles.

We then pick up with Jorah’s and Tyrion story as they continue to try and find a nearby fishing village so they can get back on there travels to Meereen. Unfortunately for them they encounter a group slavers, most notably Malko who is played by Lost actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. They capture the duo and threaten to kill Tyrion and sell his cock to a merchant because apparently dwarfs cocks have magical powers, who knew? Luckily for them Tyron’s quick thinking saves him from this fate and gets them a free trip to the nearby slaving pits by pimping out Jorah’s fighting skills. This story is definitely intriguing me as Jorah and Tyrion are great on screen together and now with the edition of Adewale it is only going to get better. From trailers we know Jorah makes it to the fighting pits so not only is there going to be great conversation between these characters we are going to get action too.

We arrive in the water gardens of Dorne with both Myrcella and Trystene playing happy teenagers, something I hope we see less of. Luckily we get a bit of foreshadowing from Prince Doran and Areoh Hoteh in the next scene, as they talk about how he hasn’t used his axe in a long time. Now that would be a fight I would want to see unfortunately the fight scene we see next isn’t even in the same league. After sneaking into the water gardens a fight between Jamie, Bronn and the Sandsnakes breaks out which leads to Bronn being cut by Obara Sand’s spear(*). It is safe to say the Dorne storyline is not going as well as I had hoped. After Oberyn’s appearance in season 4 maybe it has set our standards to high for the other characters but it certainly doesn’t help that they have been generalised and i’m pretty sure if you asked anybody who they are they would just refer to this as the one with the spear or the whip.

After weeks of trying to understand Littlefinger motives and plans he reveals to Cerci about Sansa and that she is marrying Ramsey Bolton. It seems that his final endgame is to become warden of the north a much greater prize than his current title Lord of the Vale title. If this ultimately his endgame then I didn’t see this coming, but as always with Littlefinger you never quite know until the last minute, chaos is a ladder after all. We join Lady Olena on her travels back to King’s Landing and it shortly followed by her comedic tone of voice with her line “you can smell the shit 5 miles away” being a classic. One of the best scenes of the entire episode between the quick witted Queen Of Thorns and the Queen Regent with exchanges being passed between the two of them. Now to the final scene in the capital and the Holy Inquest we not only see Loras quizzed but the Queen is brought forward to defend her brother. So when Olyvar is brought before the High Septon causing Loras to be restrained. Then to both the viewer and Maragery’s surprise she is arrested alongside her brother for lying to the faith. This is definitely a plotline that has been improved from the books, I always thought it was far too complicated in the books and now both the use of the faith militant and now they get to do double the damage by locked up both the Tyrells.

The final location visited is Winterfell, where miranda’s true colours are shown to Sansa by telling her about Ramsey’s previous love interests. Luckily Sansa isn’t as dumb as Miranda thinks and she see straight through her realising that it is just jealous. What makes Sansa’s role in this episode even more disappointing is she has such a strong moment in this scene, when she proclaims to Miranda that she is “Sansa Stark of Winterfell and nothing can scare her”. Fresh from her goth phase and newly revived red hair Sansa walks down the aisle with with Reek to greet Ramsey for her second and most awkward wedding to date. Now to the ending. There is just so much wrong with this not scene, not only is this unnescery as we all know how bad a person Ramsey so if they thought it was important to show him inflicted pain on Sansa there are a million and one other ways this could have been done. The other issue is that this storyline actual isn’t about Sansa anymore but more about Reek and how he might be turning a corner from saying his name was Theon Greyjoy this might actually tip him over the edge and finally get back at Ramsey.

Watch the preview for next weeks episode named ‘The Gift’ below.