REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – The Sons of the HarpyREVIEW: Game Of Thrones – The Sons of the Harpy

REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – The Sons of the Harpy

Season 5 – Episode 4
We only spoil the current and previous episodes, all spoilers/theories can be matched the a number and found at the bottom.

The first thing I notice about this weeks episode of Game Of Thrones is a certain location finally making it’s first appearance on the map, that place is home to the Martells. It was definitely worth the wait to see Dorne on there and hopefully it wont be the last.

The episode picks up where the last one ended with everybody’s favourite outcasts Ser Jorah Mormant and Tyrion Lannister. If anybody was in any doubt to which queen Ser Jorah meant it is cleared up relatively quickly to which Tyrion sees the funny side of.

From one ship to another we jump to the team of Bronn and Jamie Lannister on their way to Dorne to rescue Jamie’s niece Myrcella to which Bronn queries him about his relation to her (because it’s hardly a secret Jamie!). What I found to be particularly interesting about this scene is how hateful Jamie is towards Tyrion for killing his father something that isn’t so clear in the books, so whether this is something the show is building for the future I suppose we will have to wait and see (+1).

Moving swiftly over to the capital, Kings landing and the little matter of a small council meeting where there is the Bank of Braavos is starting to become an issue. Requesting a percentage of what they are owed and Cerci has decided one way to get rid of a Tyrell is to send the Master Of Coin, and father of the Queen Mace Tyrell with the help of Ser Meryn Trant (+2).

Cerci then moves onto her next scheme. Meeting yet again with the High Sparrow to install an army for the faith before telling him of a sinner in amongst a wealthy and powerful family. The scenes then take us to Littlefinger’s brothel (the Sparrows really don’t like that place) where we are shown them all but kill or severely hurt a man that is gay something their faith disagrees with. Having made a big deal out of the Ser Loras gay scene in episode 1 I had a feeling that this was where the route they where taking. They arrest Ser Loras and throw him in the dungeons to Margaerys disgust. The scene that followed between Tommen and Cerci is the one scene that jarred a bit for me as Cerci’s love for her children is supposed to be one of the her biggest qualities but yet she is quick to turn him away and send him to the High Sparrow where he has his newly recruited Faith Militant. What I think is key to the face off between the king meeting the Faith Militant is what was going on in the background. The heckling and chants of ‘Bastard’ were something we have never really seen directed at him especially as he has been with Margaery.

We then move North to The Wall where Stannis and Selyse are talking about Jon and the respect he has for him, and it’s fair to say Selyse doesn’t feel the same. She responds by saying he is just a ‘Bastard to some Tavern wench’ to which Stannis doesn’t sound convinced saying that wasn’t Neds way (+3). As Melisandre enters, the conversation moves towards Shireen and her deformity (greyscale) to which Melisandre makes a key point that it doesn’t matter to the Lord Of Light (+4). We then move to Jon doing the exciting part of his Lord Commander job… signing papers it all goes well until Sam passes him a paper which ask for Roose Bolton to send him men to which Jon refuses to sign at first. After turning down Stannis and Ser Davos it is now the turn of a woman’s charm or in Melisandre’s case her bare breast to try and convince Jon to march south to Winterfell however he refuses before she leaves saying ‘You Know Nothing Jon Snow’ leaving him shocked. We then get scene showing a more emotional Stannis and his daughter talking about her illness. This is a side of Stannis we haven’t really seen before, this is certainly helps lead to theory we speculated below (+4).

Sansa is joined by Littlefinger in the crypts of Winterfell talking about Lyanna Stark. For those of you remember she was the Neds sister and promised to Robert Baratheon, the main catalyst for the destruction of the Targaryens. Again is in this scene there is a lot of talk about Rhaegar and the tourney at Harrenhal and all this only strengthens the idea about our theory below (+3).


Nym, Obara and Tyene Sand otherwise known as the Sand Snakes.

We make it to Dorne where Cooper and Darnell… Sorry I mean Jamie and Bronn as we know them run into a little trouble with some Dornish fighters. It is here we see Jamie’s first proper sword fight since losing his hand. It is safe to say he doesn’t cover himself in glory but after improvising with his gold hand he makes it out alive. Finally we are treated to the Sand Snakes something I have been waiting all season for, all be it a very short viewing where they pledge to help Ellaria get revenge on the death of their father Oberyn. We also get a quick glimpse of Obara and Nym wielding their weapons, it’s safe to say Jamie better improves his sword fighting and fast.

After taking an episode out Danny returns as Ser Barristan tells her more about her elder Brother Rhaegar and how he was a kind man not quite the rapist Sansa made him out to be earlier in episode. Danny then makes her way to listen to Hizdahr Zo Loraq once again ramble on about the fighting pits (give it a rest man!) to which she declines once more. However all is not well in Meereen as the tone shifts as Hizdahr rambles on we get shots of the Sons Of The Harpy moving throughout the dark tunnels of Meereen before killing random men in the street. A small bunch of Unsullied follow them before being surrounded leaded to an epic fight. We soon learn that one of them is Greyworm as he is the last one standing before Ser Barristan shows up, they both do battle until the knight is stabbed through the chest leaving Greyworm to finish of the remainder of the enemies before being left for deed himself. Again this is another book departure as Ser Barristan is still alive. However I had been expecting someone to die from Danny’s camp but I thought that might have been Greyworm due to the relationship him and Missandei have been developing on screen.

Watch the preview for next weeks episode named ‘Kill the Boy’ below.

Don’t read below the image of Sansa Stark if you do not wish to be spoilt about future episodes or even possible theories.


(+1) Jamie to kill Tyrion? Having read all 5 A Song Of Fire books I never got the feeling from Jamie that he had a hatred for Tyrion but in this one scene it is quite clear that if they crossed paths he would kill him.
(+2) Arya to kill Ser Meryn? With Arya being trained in the ways of the faceless men to become an assassin there is a possibility that there stories may intersect and maybe even lead to his death. Another thing to back this up is Arya’s list has become somewhat shorter recently losing the like of Ser Illyn Payne but Ser Meryn still remains meaning their must be some sort of revenge plot in the making?
(+3) R + L = J is a common theory amongst the book fans and this episode has only solidified it. Rhaegar was mentioned multiple times and as was Lyanna, not only this Stannis seemed to make a point about Ned sleeping with a tavern wench not being his style. Upon her visit to Jon, Melisandre proceeds to talk about there being great power within him which again leads to him being more than just a Snow. The evidence is surely stacking up for this now.
(+4) Now that Mance Rayder is out of the picture and there has been no sign of a wife or child somebody will have to take the place of the kid. The likelyhood is this could now be Shireen. We have slowly started to see more scenes with her and the show is definitely trying to make a connection between the audience and her. The scene with Melisandre and Stannis where she makes a point of saying the greyscale means nothing to the Lord Of Light as the kings blood runs through her implies to me she would be the replacement.