REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – Kill The BoyREVIEW: Game Of Thrones – Kill The Boy

REVIEW: Game Of Thrones – Kill The Boy

Season 5 – Episode 5: ‘Kill The Boy’
We only spoil the current and previous episodes and how they compare to the book. All spoilers/theories can be matched to a number and found at the bottom.

The last episode of Game Of Thrones left us on a massive cliffhanger in the city of Meereen, what condition are Greyworm and Barristan Selmy in? It doesn’t take long for us to get the answers. With Missandei watching over the alive Greyworm, Daenerys and Daario talk about the brave knight’s legacy and how he did not deserve to die in an alleyway. I am sure many book readers agree with me that it is disappointing to see his character be killed off so soon. Daenerys responds by rounding up the masters of Meereen and escorts them to where she has the Dragons locked up. After making threats, she pushes one of them forward to be engulfed by dragon fire and being eaten alive. Finally this is what a lot of Game Of Thrones fans have been waiting for a chance to see the dragons doing something!

As the story shifts over to The Wall we see Sam reading a letter about Daenerys to Maester Aemon about her troubles in Mereen to which he says how it is dangerous for a Targaryen to be alone in this world. Jon Snow then sits down with the Maester to seek his advice on his plans to bring the wildlings to wall, to which the response is half of The Wall hate you anyway and famous quote “Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born”. After speaking with Aemon, John sits down with the wildling second in command Tormand, releasing him from his chains they discuss heading out to Hardhome to save the rest of them. As Jon Snow tries to win his fellow members of the Nights Watch to his side even one of his closest friends will not stand with him on this matter. Before leaving The Wall Stannis chats to Sam about his encounter with the White Walkers and how he killed one of them, something that Stannis seems very interested in. At this point he seems to be the only Lord that is taking the threat serious and is another reason why the 7 Kingdoms must get him on the Iron Throne.

Just outside of Winterfell, Brienne and Pod are setting up camp and ask somebody from inside Winterfell to deliver a message to Sansa (1). Moving inside Winterfell we get a scene between Ramsey and Miranda which shows both how much power Ramsey has over people and how much Miranda is jealous of Sansa. This then leads onto Miranda tormenting Sansa by leading her into the kennels where Reek is sleeping. We then cut to the most awkward dinner scene between Sansa, Ramsey, Roose and Walda. When Reek brings in wine for the meal Ramsey forces him to apologise to Sansa for killing her brothers before signing of with the line that has been accustomed to the Starks… “The North Remembers”. Ramsey is knocked back down by Roose shortley after by declaring he and Walda have a child on the way and that it is likely to be a boy which would threaten Ramsey’s position within the Bolton family.

Back in Meereen, Missandei talks to Greyworm about the events of the previous episode and finally the pair of them express what we have started to see develop over the past season. Greyworm also says how he is now afraid, afraid of losing Missandai and never seeing her again which sounds like a bit of foreshadowing to me (2). With Daenerys unsure about how to deal with the continuing problems in Meereen she seeks council from Missandai to which she says sometimes only she can see the better option. Daenerys then visits Hizdahr to reveal her master plan, to respect the traditions of the city by reopening the fighting pits and to marry into one of the great families, in this case to Hizdahr. This definitely works out better than in the books as it empowers her more and makes her more of a leader something I feel she lacks in the book.

Finally we head over to Jorah and Tyrion who are heading through Valyria to avoid any unwanted encounters with pirates as they are to scared to pass through the city. As they chat about Daenerys, wine and other things. They both look to the sky to their amazement they see Drogon flying over above. As both the characters and ourselves are distracted by the Dragon the stonemen attack. Their has been a lot of foreshadowing regarding greyscale and it has all been leading to this attack and I feel it has been a great but unhappy pay off for one of the characters. After diving into the water it seems that Tyrion is being dragged to his death but after a lengthy pause he awakens with Jorah on a beach. The final scene we are left with is Jorah pulling up his sleeve to reveal the beginnings of greyscale.

Overall again it was another strong episode with more foreshadowing than actual events. From the message to Sansa, the Greyscale and the announcement of a wedding there is certainly a lot more to happen in the end of season 5.

Watch the preview for next weeks episode named ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’ below.

Don’t read below the image of Sansa Stark if you do not wish to be spoilt about future episodes or even possible theories.


(1) – With no sign of the brotherhood it is looking more and more likely that Sansa and Brienne will be replacing Stoneheart.
(2) – The show seems to be putting a lot of focus on the relationship between Greyworm and Missandai. From what we know about Game Of Thrones in the past they build people up and create a connection between the characters and the audience before killing them off in typical gruesome way possible. Now the question is which of the two will it be? With Greyworm being built up more and Missandai being alive in the book still (not that it matter to Barriston) I am more inclined to think it will be Greyworm.