INTERVIEW: Burn Gorman

45 Magazine sits down with actor Burn Gorman at Sheffield Film & Comic Con to talk Game Of Thrones, Pacific Rim and what the future has in store.

Q. How was working on Game Of Thrones?
A. It was really good. From start to finish Game Of Thrones was an absolute pleasure to do, everybody was so relaxed. It was on my birthday too, I had a great time filming with Kit Harrington (John Snow). I loved the show myself so I was really pleased to be a part of it.

Q. What was it like filming that fight scene in Game Of Thrones (Season 4: First Of His Name)?
A. It was very tight. It was okay for me as I had two small daggers but Kit obviously had a full longsword and he basically had pull it back short, so yeah it took a couple of days to film. There was also a fire in the middle which made it a bit difficult but we had a great director in Michelle MacLaren. It was some of the most fun i’ve ever had actually.

Q. So did you come out of the fight with any war wounds?
A. Yes I did actually, i’ve got a couple of scars on my fingers just from where the swords smacked down.

Q. What was your favourite scene from Game Of Thrones?
A. There was one scene when we were saying goodbye to Bannan one of the guys from the Night’s Watch, and there was a fire. We were so close that a few beards were singeing. So it wasn’t exactly fun but it was great to do, and of course there’s loads of mud and pig shit everywhere (laughs).

Q. How does it differ going from a TV show to a blockbuster like Pacific Rim?
A. Well I was very lucky to work with Guillermo Del Toro and it’s a massive blockbuster. He has these sets that cost millions of dollars and they are just huge. So I suppose the scale of the film was exciting also he makes practical props that you are working with, so for example a menu you might see in a restaurant is meticulously detailed with Guillermo’s attention to detail. So yeah I had a great time.

Q. So Pacific Rim has 2 has been announced can we expect to see your involvement?
A. I couldn’t possibly say… fingers crossed.

Q. What new projects do you have lined up?
A. Im doing a revolutionary war drama for AMC (Mad Men, Breaking Bad) called Turn and it’s about the story of Washington spies so i play a sort of evil, well he’s not evil but he’s a brit. So lots of wigs and lots of horses so its always fun to dress up.

Season 2 of Turn returns next spring on AMC.

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