Gotham – A Look at Series One..Gotham – A Look at Series One..

Gotham – A Look at Series One..

After 22 long episodes the first series of Gotham came to an explosive end last week; and it was a good ending, with some great new possible story lines emerging.

The series as a whole was definitely what I was expecting although some episodes seemed longer than necessary in my eyes – as it was hard to keep up sometimes. However that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. The characters, the plot and the city of Gotham itself was just brilliant.

It would take me a long time to pin point my favourite character because they all have their own uniqueness and likability, but the lead as it were, Detective Jim Gordon has to be one of them. His development throughout was fascinating to watch; a honest cop in a corrupt world is always interesting to see because as an audience we expect to see them slowly become corrupt himself. Jim, used the corruption to his advantage taking down key players. The sheer determination he has as he endures the poisoned city.

One character I didn’t really warm to was Maroni, his stereo typical mob leader got a little boring after a while, whereas Falcone seemed to have more depth to him. Even though the whole mob war is what set up for a great ending to the first series, the whole “families” got a little bit predictable with the deputies as it were trying to take over, which doesn’t go to plan etc. Despite all this Fish Mooney has to be the best female character to come out of the series. At first, I admit, I thought she would be a slightly stronger femme fatale; how wrong I was. A complete mix of femme fatale, psychopath and slight genius she slowly but surely nearly took down Falcone’s whole establishment – until Penguin got involved.

Their volital relationship was the reasons I really enjoyed the series; their constant threats and arguments made it entertaining to watch but I was always intrigued to what would happen in the end – SPOILER ALERT –  didn’t end well for Fish as Penguin pushed her off the top of a building into the gloomy Gotham waters below.This ending did bother me a little, as I thought for sure we’d see her swimming away, but sadly not. So there is a possibility that she ain’t coming back.

Then there’s Master Wayne, the mini Dark Knight manages to make the corrupt board of directors of his families company become defensive and attack him, when he starts to unravel their dark sides. He slowly but surely starts to piece together his case against them, at the cost of Alfred at one point. It’s this episode that forces Bruce to realise the evil he is dealing with will stop at nothing to stop their dodgy dealings being exposed. We see a little bit of his inner demons start to surface when he and Selina (a.k.a Cat) find Reggie, the man and old friend of Alfred, who stabbed him. Bruce contemplates pushing him out the window but as he hesitates Selina does it for him. This contrast shows the difference in the characters but also the growth they both need to do to become their latter selves. I underestimated the Bruce character at the start – a wimpy little heir – became a small force to be reckoned with. Which hopefully will be developed in the next series.

Penguin. He finally gets what he wants; control of Gotham, to be the ultimate King Pin with all his power. Or does he? With Falcone gone, Fish possibly dead and Maroni very much dead, it would make sense for him to be in control – but I hope the writers of the show don’t make it too easy for him. I’d like to think all the back stabbing and double agent like life he’s being playing does catch up with him in the next series. And of course there is his mother. Maroni tells her that her son is a killer and evil, to which she tries not to believe it, but does she?

As some characters have come and gone through the series some villains have emerged. In episode 16, The Blind Fortune Teller, we see a young Jerome, who from his acting and maniacal laugh, is to become the Joker in later life. The laugh comes from after he admits he killed his mother, a dancer in a circus – a circus which have The Flying Graysons and the Lloyds as acts ( Batman fans will get the reference here). Also towards the end we finally see Edward Nygma snap and kill Kristen Kringles police officer boyfriend in a mad frenzy after telling him to treat her better. Kringle asks him later on if he knows anything about his death, to which he denies – then he seems to have a psychotic breakdown in the record annex – the beginnings of The Riddler.

With these developments and Selina’s new role in the dark side of Gotham, season 2 seems to have a great set up already. Some new bad guys for Gordon to fight against, as well as trying to make the GCPD a better force of Justice. His going to be very busy indeed

Overall season one of Gotham lived up to my expectations and in some ways gone further. However the only criticism would be the annoyingly long gap that we had to endure for those who watched it on British TV.

Here’s to season two.