FEATURE: Star Wars – The Force Awakens Is It All That?

So finally the most anticipated film in history was released this weekend to rave reviews and box office records. Everywhere you look on social media, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been praised by fans, including fellow writer Stuey Evans (read his review here), leaving me struggling to remember at least one negative review… However I seem to be in the minority that could list so many negatives with this film.

So this is your final spoiler warning…

…Close the blast doors.


So where to start with this film… Did I dislike it? Certainly not, however as a Star Wars film I did not.

As a separate film I feel this would have excelled but where I feel it falls down the most is where it tries to hard to replicate what has been and gone. At times it almost felt like I was watching A New Hope being brought into the 21st Century which again is not a bad thing but very repetitive I mean how many times are we going to have to blow up a Death Star?

There are so many nods to the previous films it is insane, what is hard to believe is that a similar film in Jurassic World was slated by numerous people for to much nostalgia so how is this any different? There are some absolutely unnecessary easter eggs in quick succession like Finn (John Boyega) discovering the training ball and turning on the chess piece onboard the Millennium Falcon in a matter of seconds however none of them are as terrible as the ‘Captain Phasma’ trash compactor scene…sighhh. Talking of Captain Phasma that has got to be the biggest letdown ever… I knew she would be having more of a cameo but I still expected her to have at least ONE key scene very similar to Boba Fett, however I suppose there is always Episode VIII.

The part where the film really takes a nose dive is during The Resistance’s attack on the Starkiller base it almost comes out of nowhere and the attack is over in a minutes notice. Oscar Issac’s character Poe Dameron is built up to be the greatest pilot in galaxy but yet we really don’t get to see much in the way off this. Where the film really needed the emotion was in the pivotal scene between Han Solo and his son Ben (assuming after Ben Kenobi which is still pretty random) or better known as Kylo Ren. The scene fell flat because of again it trying to be A New Hope all over again, you just knew Han’s death was going to happen before it did with the camera shot and everybody stood watching.

After all this you may be thinking I hated this film? Believe it that is not the case I loved large portions of it. The character development of Rey is amazing and she is one of my favourite for quite some time. Despite Finn giving up on The First Order without a moments noticed I enjoyed his character and the camaraderie between Rey, Finn and BB8. Like I said earlier I didn’t dislike the film and would definitely give it a solid 8/10 it is just frustrating after seeing the potential it had. As a stand alone sci-fi action film it would have been good I will definitely be seeing it a second time in the cinema and see how I feel about it on a second run through.

So finally where does this film sit in the franchise? In my opinion it solidly fits in at 3rd just behind the Empire Strike Back and the film it tries so hard to emulate.