EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – The CitadelEPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – The Citadel

EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – The Citadel

Wow, talk about plots thickening! After taking a trip to the “brink” by being literally on the brink of death, Stephen believes he sees his long lost father, Jack in “Limbo” and comes back with a message: Find Simon Plame and Jack’s body so he can return. Surprise surprise files on Simon Plame draw a blank both on TIM (The TP’s secret super computer) and on ALICE (Ultra’s computer intelligence who insists she’s not a girl). Jedikiah later confesses that he cremated Jack and shot Simon, who, as an ally to Jack, tried to steel Jack’s body. But with Jedikiah being the cunning slime ball that he is is he telling the whole story? Poor Stephen’s plans never go, well according to plan, and just as he is trying with all his might to bring his Dad back home to reality, his Mum announces that she has a new boyfriend, Peter. Mysteriously, Stephen can’t read Peter’s mind, which leaves you wondering what this guy’s deal is.

Meanwhile, when Ultra hear that Errol, an unhinged but powerful telepath, has escaped the Citadel, Ultra’s “research facility”-aka prison and TP torture chamber-it’s not long before the TPs get wind of it, via Stephen’s sneaky double-crossing. Following Cara’s awkward election as new TP leader, after John confessed his murky past with Ultra and the fact he was the one that shot Jack to everyone, she decides to break in to the Citadel and rescue the “inmates.”

Stephen takes a bullet off John to make it look like he didn’t tip the TPs off about the Citadel’s location but the ambush goes sour when Errol is shot dead by Jedikiah. With Jedikiah growing ever more suspicious of Stephen’s loyalties Cara, too, has some suspicions of her own as she remains dubious about Stephen’s theory that his father is in “Limbo.”
Amongst all this climacteric chaos of the quest for “Limbo”, Jack and his alleged refuge for TPs and the constant war with Ultra, it was refreshing to see the TPs doing what they do best, helping a young TP who had been captive in the Citadel, with Cara stopping at nothing until she was rescued.

Enriched with cliff-hangers and questions but with scenes of nifty, creatively choreographed hand-to hand- combat with fast pace, flash teleportation thrown in the mix, this was another unmissable episode.

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