EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – ‘Thanatos’EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – ‘Thanatos’

EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – ‘Thanatos’

Oh My god. That was the most revealing, explosive, adrenaline filled episode of the series so far.

Last episode was entitled “Limbo”, and in my last review I hinted that this was fitting because of the lulling break in the usual action and chaos of Stephen’s double crossing, but now we find out Limbo’s the term coined by ex Ultra scientist, Doctor Aldus Crick (Nicholas Young) for the dimension where TPs like Stephen or his father, with the rare ability to stop time, could teleport to -“a time outside of time- as Crick puts it.

The TPs find out about Limbo after Cara and Russell endeavour to extract information on “Thanatos” from Jedikiah as he sleeps. “Thanatos” being the term uttered by Stephen’s father in a vision Stephen had while he was at death’s door after nearly drowning last episode. But the TPs get more than they bargained for when Jedikiah “stows away” on Russell’s teleportation after the two of them fight, resulting in them having to hold the Ultra leader hostage…and risk exposing the location of the place where they’ve been hiding for the last two years.

Jedikiah’s disappearance sparks suspicion at Ultra and provokes the appearance of “The Founder”, Jedikiah’s mysterious boss, who tried to get into Stephen’s head in episode 5. He turns out to be a formidable and ruthless man.

In an attempt to get Jedikiah to loosen his tongue, the TPs, having found out about his secret affair with a TP, Morgan, use her as leverage. Surprisingly Jedikiah shows he’s got a heart, when, to protect Morgan, he tells them “Thanatos” means “death” in Greek and the nickname they gave to Crick after all his deadly experiments at Ultra, showing, as Morgan puts it, he really is a “web of contradictions.” His efforts are in vain though, as to keep Ultra from finding the TP’s secret location, Stephen has to lead Ultra to Morgan, but helps facilitate her escape.

After provoking Cara, she impulsively uses her powers in front of Jedikiah, making the stakes even higher as Jedikiah is likely to kill his nephew if he gets freed, as he was under the impression Stephen removed Cara’s powers in a previous episode.

And in a shocking twist the audience uncover that Jedikiah put John up to killing Stephen’s father, Jack, through jealousy after months of grooming John as his lethal prodigy because Jack turned against Ultra to protect his species.  John has been leading the TPs in search of a dead man, but in a moving act of humility, John promises Jack during his final moments that he will protect his species.

It seems to be a talent of the writers of The Tomorrow People: to successfully focus on different angles each episode, from Stephen’s teenage social and school dilemmas to romance and deeper more alluring plot lines of Ultra missions and double crossing.

Watch Episode 8 here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-tomorrow-people/4od#3656159