EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – Sorry for Your LossEPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – Sorry for Your Loss

EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – Sorry for Your Loss

After the carnage and tragedy suffered by The Tomorrow People following Ultra’s ambush, the Tomorrow People (TPs as I’m going to call them from now on,) are laying low. That is until their super computer-a highly intelligent and cheeky machine called Tim-informs the group’s chillaxed comic, Russell (Aaron Yoo) that his estranged father has died. Compelled to visit his family and attend the memorial, Russell convinces TP’s leader John to allow him to break the rules and re-visit his family in Korea. With John and Russell gone, leaving Cara in charge what could possibly go wrong?

Everything humanely possible it seems. When Steven convinces Cara to “go up top” and leave their underground hide out to reach out to a potential new “breakout”, Piper, Ultra are soon hot on their heels, also keen to bring in Piper, for their usual more sinister reasons. With aggressive pub brawls and a suspense filled shooting show down this episode is an explosive one in terms of action, but there’s a much more deeper emotional under current going on in the background. As the pervious episodes have journeyed into their personal histories of Cara and John, this one delves into Russell’s dark past through a series of flashbacks, from his demanding father whose impossibly high standards with Russell’s piano performances drove a wedge between the two of them, to his descent into gambling and debt, getting involved with deadly gangs. The flash backs work well in allowing the audience to see a more fragile side of Russell, that his high light hearted, bad boy façade has been hiding.

The subtle power struggle between older and wiser John and young newcomer Stephen becomes even clearer as Steven advocates actively going “up top” and helping support and reach out to new “breakouts” –leading to the pursuit of Piper-as opposed to John’s tactic of lying low and staying safe. This elusive difference in opinions and way to run things was hinted at last episode where Steven risked everything to teleport fellow TP, Irene, to the hospital after she was dangerously shot in Ultra’s ambush, whilst John advised against it, keen to avoid questions and limit contact with the human world.

It’s Steven’s heroic (or lucky) impulsive nature to take risks and live instead of merely survive that seems to have captivated Cara, in contrast to her boyfriend, John’s more cautious tactic. Though it’s been lightly foreshadowing a mutual attraction between Cara and Steven for a while now, especially when she is the one that telepathically communicates and supports Steven during the discovery of his powers, you can’t help but feel sorry for John, who’s not had a peachy past himself and is only trying his best to be a good leader to the TP’s. It’s also cue to yawn as yet another clichéd love triangle of passion and guilt emerges, let’s just hope this one has a twist and is handled with a different more interesting angle.

Speaking of love-or more like lust- we also learn that Steven’s scheming Uncle Jedekiah has been having secret, fervent trysts with none other than a mysterious, beautiful TP. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me, given that he’s heading the organisation bent on hunting down and destroying or controlling her species, leaving you questioning yet again what he’s real game is. Will be interested to see where that one leads…

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