EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – ‘Limbo’EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – ‘Limbo’

EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – ‘Limbo’

After the action and perilous pursuits of breakouts of the last few episodes this one seemed to be a little…empty, in terms of danger that is. Although tracking new ‘break outs’ each episode would get a little repetitive and induce a fit of yawning, the one time the TP’s encounter a different, potentially more exciting situation target, it is treated as just a minor storyline in the overall plot of this episode.

Opening to a chillingly creepy scene of a young, vulnerable woman being sinisterly taunted by an attacker with powers in a dark and dingy alley way, before he teleports her away, you’re instantly intrigued and hooked. But the mystery, suspense and any character background of this attacker is virtually non-existent and shrugged off by John’s unnerving words of “our powers make us powerful, they don’t decide if we’re good or bad.” Personally, this was a little disappointing given that this is the first time we have seen the TP’s encounter one of their own species that wasn’t a lonely confused teenager, let alone a sadistic criminal.

This potentially gripping storyline is eclipsed by the whole ‘Cara, John and Stephen’ love drama, which saw Cara eventually give into her feelings and sleep with Stephen while her boyfriend John was away last episode.  Typically John decides to start acting all sweet to Cara, worsening her guilt to the point that she confesses her infidelity and cue an furious fist fight between both men.  While, it’s great that the secret of Cara’s one night stand didn’t drag on for several episodes like it would in a soap, you’d expect John to be a little more devastated.  Weather it was an unfortunate script or Luke Mitchell’s uncharacteristically devoid acting, a bit more emotion from John wouldn’t have gone amiss.

As well as Cara telling him their night of passion was meaningless and getting into a bust-up with John, Stephen’s life goes from bad to worse to just plain terrible in this episode.  After his best friend Astrid encourages him to have fun with his powers, Stephen ends up cheating and ending up on the school basketball team, only to be humiliated when he is later playing in front of the whole school and gets into trouble with his mum after throwing an out of control party, where he finds out Astrid is in love with him.

As punishment Jedikiah forces Stephen to wear a device which takes away Stephen’s powers, something that doesn’t do him any favours when he gets himself into a sticky situation when he goes after the attacker with powers…alone.

While the episode lacks the adrenaline filled fights of previous episodes, the fight scene at the end is slightly redeeming, creating a edgy sense of anticipation. This episode also hints again at the enigmatic, physic connection between Cara and Stephen (which is more than just one of a sexual nature) and Stephen has a brief vision of his long lost father, while Jedikiah grows more suspicious of Stephen’s loyalty. Could next episode hold the key to explaining more about his father’s disappearance and what Jedikiah’s involvement in it is?

Watch Episode 7 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrcQp9ZHdAc