EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – All Tomorrow’s PartiesEPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – All Tomorrow’s Parties

EPISODE REVIEW: The Tomorrow People – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, wished for supernatural powers? It would be awesome, exciting and magic. But there’s much more to it than that, as teenager Stephen (Robbie Amell) soon finds out when, after a year of hearing voices, waking up in strange places and well thinking he’s genuinely lost the plot, he discovers he, and others like him, are part of the next step in human evolution.

Confused? I was too, being only 5 episodes into the first season-(though 13 episodes in total have aired on the American channel The CW while I watch them on Channel 4 every Wednesday night)-so let me bring you quickly up to speed. The Tomorrow People are evolved spices of human, who at some stage in adolescence manifest “the three t’s”: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation but with one snag- they physically cannot kill. When Stephen discovers his powers, which are inherited from his missing father, his alliance is initially drawn to others with the same powers, when he hears Cara (Peyton List) telepathically whispering in his mind.

Things soon hot up when a secret paramilitary organisation called Ultra begin hunting the Tomorrow People, to either harness their powers, take them away or kill the person completely to purportedly protect the human race. Ultra is the reason Cara and the Tomorrow People have been driven underground (literally) for the past two years and with the organisation being headed by callous Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino), who happens to be Stephen’s long lost uncle. Stephen soon finds himself in the dangerous role of double agent, working as a trainee for his uncle at Ultra to try and uncover what happened to his father, while really remaining loyal to the Tomorrow People. Oh, and he’s also a student trying to have some semblance to a social life.

All Tomorrow’s Parties sees Stephan’s double-crossing again put himself and his fellow Tomorrow People in danger when he breaks protocol in a Ultra training exercise and is summoned to meet Jedikiah’s mysterious boss. The enigmatic boss attempts to read Stephen’s mind and Stephen makes the grim discovery that calculating Jedikiah is only the tip of Ultra’s iceberg. Suffocated from being confined underground, Cara and the Tomorrow People take a rare risk and go ‘top-side’ to party and blow off some steam. Cara’s kind-of boyfriend and leader of the underground group of Tomorrow People, John (Luke Mitchell) is reluctant to let the group loose in the human world and his caution is justified when they are betrayed to Ultra by one of their own, resulting in tragic consequences.

Though the series takes a while to hook you in, the character’s soon win you over in the character driven plots. In episode 5 we see a touching side of John, who, as an ex-subject and golden boy agent at Ultra has some serious beef with Jedikiah, as he struggles with his methods of leading the Tomorrow People, doing everything in his power to protect them.

The multi-stranded storylines and fast pace journey as each episode peels back a layer of the mystery of the Tomorrow People and Ultra is also addictive and enthralling. It worked well to delve deeper into Ultra in this episode, learning that it is a far reaching and powerful organisation to be feared. It makes you wonder just what sinister things they are capable of and what their link is to Stephen’s father’s disappearance.

What can get a little over used in supernatural shows like this is keeping the big “secret” of their powers from their families, friends and ultimately the world. The cliché problem has been seen in everything from Superman to Heroes. Episode 5 sees Stephen’s best friend, Astrid (Madeleine Mantock), after almost seeing Stephan strangely disappear in a previous episode, draw even closer to cracking Stephan’s impressive secret. Although the storyline did cause me to sigh a little, it would add a gripping and perhaps entertaining new dynamic if Astrid knew.
I think future episodes will see more Tomorrow People, like John, evolving to make them capable of killing and Jedikiah revealing yet more deadly surprises with explosive consequences.

Watch the trailer for episode six below