EPISODE REVIEW: Game of Thrones-The Laws of Gods and MenEPISODE REVIEW: Game of Thrones-The Laws of Gods and Men

EPISODE REVIEW: Game of Thrones-The Laws of Gods and Men

Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Accused: Tyrion Lannister

Poor, poor Tyrion. After saving the people of King’s Landing from Stannis Baratheon’s attack at Blackwater Bay and taking no credit and receiving no thanks and a lifetime of playing second best, being regarded with disgust by his father and sister-after his mother died giving birth to him-it’s no wonder the guy snaps. And snaps he does, in splendid style.

With the new young king, Tommen excusing himself, Tyrion faces a trial, which he knows to be a farce, with his calculating father, Tywin, presiding over as the main judge. With an impressive selection of witnesses backing the accusations that Tyrion poisoned his nephew, Joffrey, the trial looks doomed from the beginning, and even Jaimie cutting a deal with his father that, if he spares Tyrion’s life by making him join the deadly Night’s Watch, Jaimie will leave the King’s Guard allowing him father children and continue Tywin’s precious Lannister line at Casterly Rock, seems a precarious solution. For the deal to work, Tyrion must keep his head down, plead guilty then beg for mercy but, following an emotional, heartbreaking betrayal by his former lover, Shae giving a false add humiliating testament against him, Tyrion is pushed over the edge. With the most conviction and defiance we have ever seem him muster, radiating years of hurt and resentment, he stands up to Tywin, saying the elephant in the room-that he is really on trial for Dwarfism and requests a trial by combat…which will be against his father. Could we be seeing a end to Grand Daddy Lannister next episode? Either way it’s going to be an unmissable fight!

Whilst the crown is busy trying the wrong man for murder-the mystery of who is responsible (Little Finger and Lady Olenna Tyrell) and their agenda’s remains an elusive enigma to most characters, King’s Landing has bigger problems it will soon have to contend with. Lord Varys tells Tywin of Daenerys’ conquering of Maureen at Slavers’ Bay, and of her dragons and vast army of unsullied, convincing Tywin to take precautions to prevent her from attempting an invasion.

Dawnerys’ herself seems to be somewhat struggling with being a Queen, even if it is an unofficial one, finding the more routine side of being a ruler challenging, if not what she expected, as she receives her subjects one by one who come to her with concerns. She also learns her fierce justice of crucifying the Meereenese Masters for their same treatment of slave children may have been a little impulsive when the son of one of the Masters asks for his father’s body to be released so he can have a traditional burial, insisting his father spoke out against the inhumane murders of the slave children. A sense of foreboding is successfully instilled when a scene depicting one of her dragons setting a herd of goats on fire shows her dragons are powerful and way beyond her control now, meaning they may soon destroy her or Westeros, or indeed, both…

Stannis also poses a threat to the fragile Lannister rule, with him asking the Iron Bank for financial aid implying he is planning to strike soon. Meanwhile, when “Reek” aka the tortured and traumatized Theon Greyjoy, who is now a mere shadow of his former self, refuses to escape his captor, Ramsay’s clutches when his sister and her men mount a rescue,  the twisted Ramsay  rewards him for his loyalty and makes a surprising request of him-for him to pretend to be his former self. Clever really, when Ramsay has spent so may disturbing hours convincing Theon that he is vermin, “Reek”.

A reported sighting of “The Hound” being discussed by the King’s Council and the resulting bounty placed on his head also spells trouble for Arya in future episodes.

Although gripping in it’s own way, this episode acted as more of a linking episode riddled with cliffhangers and questions, building suspense and intrigue, preparing for a heart stoppingly exciting next episode, in true Game of Thrones’ fashion.