REVIEW: Camden Rocks Festival

There’s simply no way of being at a one day, multiple-venue festival without feeling at the end like you’ve missed so much. Camden Rocks, on a gloriously sunny Saturday in June, was no exception. While I have nothing but the ‘festive’ feeling to blame for my somewhat shortened photography activity during the evening, I did manage to catch all the bands I wanted to see.

Yet still, I need a DeLorean to go and do it all again, catching an entirely different line-up. Damn you, Chris McCormack – this festival is just too good.
Novellas, Camden Rocks, Festival

Converted: I became a Novellas fan.

The day began in jangly, jaunty fashion with the lovely Novellas, who managed to make just about the entire population of Camden Lock press their noses against dirty windows to try and see what was going on. What was going on was me becoming a Novellas fan. I’ll be tracking them down again. From there to The Hawley Arms to catch Rumble Fish and a broken guitar/amp/cable. After five minutes of wanting their ‘Jam’-inspired sound to recommence I decided to finish my pint and keep walking.
Rumble Fish, Camden Rocks Festival

Rumble Fish at The Hawley Arms.

Staring Out The Sun were then found shaking the foundations at The Good Mixer and trying their damnedest to climb into my camera. Impressed but slightly nervous I headed for Belushi’s where the twitch-inducing Mystified enraptured me for long enough to make me want to run to The Black Heart for the day’s highlight – Asylums. 
Camden Rocks Festival, Mystified, Belushi's

Twitch-inducing: Mystified playing at Belushi’s.

There’s little I can say about this band that I haven’t said already but it bears repeating. Frenetic, inspired, attention-grabbing, composed, exciting and bloody brilliant. I shan’t miss them in the future. Onward then to The Monarch to catch recent Ash-support The Amorettes and the most fun band of the day. Joan Jett watch out – The Amorettes are after your crown, if they haven’t already taken it.
Asylums, Camden Rocks Festival, The Black Heart

The Day’s Highlight: Asylums at The Black Heart.

To The Barfly for my heroes, The Virginmarys who were SO inspiring, I find a willing volunteer to guard my camera kit and dive into my first moshpit for many a year; something I only fully recalled when Sunday morning’s shower reminded me where all the bumps, grazes and bruises were.
The Amorettes, The Monarch, Camden Rocks Festival

Fun: The Amorettes at The Monarch.

The anti-hero of the night? The lighting person at The Barfly who lights both VMS and Yuck with red/purple light, from behind, and blows chances of anything resembling decent photos and making me distracted enough to not fully enjoy Yuck; more fool me.
The Virginmarys, Camden Rocks Festival, The Barfly

Inspiring: I enjoyed my first moshpit of the night when The Virginmarys played at The Barfly.

And now, I stagger to the Electric Ballroom to catch the end of Carl Barat and headliners The Cribs, both of whom clearly promote passion in their fans, the like of which, maybe, tonight’s sets don’t fully warrant… but then I wasn’t really in the best state to judge after ten hours of festivities.
Yuck, The Barfly, Camden Rocks Festival

Yuck at The Barfly.

Can we do it all again, please? Come and join me next time – you won’t regret it.