SINGLE REVIEW: ‘Wonderful’ by The Happy Future

Ever get annoyed when you’re in your element enjoying a tranquil dream…only for it to slip into the shadows of slumber as you’re dragged into the day kicking and screaming by your obnoxiously loud alarm? That’s how I felt when The Happy Future’s new single ‘Wonderful’ came to an end when I first gave it a listen.

The new euphonious gem from the folk-pop, alternative-rocky four piece, who hail from Manchester, is slow to build up and immediately draws you in, hooking you like only a dream can. The mellow track opens with peaceful strumming and the gentle sway of drums, mirroring the potential and infinite possibilities of a dream, only to burst into the exhilaration and excitement of a fantasy as the drums liven up when the chorus hits, echoing the delight of a dream.

Wonderful is laced with lyrics that speak directly to anyone: “dreaming of falling this air rushing by,” “you could be somewhere else” and  “tonight you forget you are falling.” “All that matters is the kiss of the morning sun” and mentions of similar abstract qualities that we all fantasize about really make this song, as we let our minds wander free and wistfully indulge ourselves in optimistic musings and reverie, as we go about our daily business- at work, on the school run, doing the housework.

Closing perfectly, like a dream ebbing away, the unique single captures the magic of a dreamy trance and embodies the wonder and whirlwind of a dream, making it more than an aptly named track, but the perfect backing melody to a sensational dream!

Signed to Earliest Records, the folky outfit comprises of Frederick Apps, Karl Markham, Philip Johns and Karl P T Walsh, who was once signed to Factory Records with To Hell With Burgandy, leading him to support the likes of Bob Geldof, Barclay James Harvest and Graham Parker, touring all over the globe. 

Wonderful, The Happy Future

Truly unique: Limited edition signed hemispheres housing singer ‘Wonderful’ and The Happy Future memorabilia.


The group are debuting their new single at a launch gig at The Eagle Inn, Salford on Friday 8th April. To make the single launch truly unique, the singles will be sold in hemispheres- a special art concept casing memorabilia from the band such as snippets of lyrics, photographs and personal possessions. Each hemisphere will signed by all four band members for that personal touch.

Click here to get wonderful on iTunes- it’s an extremely catchy type of song that you’ll find yourself humming a week later!