Top 10 TV Shows of 2015- Jayna Patel

Here are the Top 10 TV shows I’ve chosen for 2015- what are yours?

10) American Horror Story– Season 4

I’ve still to watch Season 5 (premiered Oct 7 2015) but season 4 ended in January this year after another jaw-droppingly bizarre outing, this time set in a travelling freak show. At times a little too grotesque for me, I admire the fact that the creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy dare to venture into story lines so disturbing they indulge the darker tastes we often don’t let see the light of day. Like it or not, once you get under American Horror Story’s spell you’re hooked!


9) Scorpion– Season 1

Season 2 (premiered Sept 21st 2015) is still on my ‘To-Watch’ list but season 1 was a charming dose of thrills and excitement with a small team of gifted geniuses, each excelling in their own field, being deployed on unique high stake missions for the government, with waitress Paige there to give them a gentle reality check every now and then. With stories that aren’t that gripping but entertaining none-the less, this show, partially based on real life computer whizz, Walter O’Brien, has that endearing tight-knit team feel among the characters akin to that in Bones, which makes this series easy to like.


8) Jessica Jones-Season 1

I haven’t yet guzzled this entire series down yet like most Netflix addicts would have done but having got nearly half way through this series I have to say my interest is piqued. With the villain, played by the awesome actor that is David Tennant, being shrouded in mystery but able to bend people completely to his will and the protagonist being a brooding and damaged female anti-hero- a first for Marvel TV shows- this action packed series (premiered Nov 20th 2015) could boast a lot of possibilities.


7) Forever- Season 1

Unfortunately it got cancelled after only one season (Sept 22 2014-May 5th 2015) but, in my opinion, this crime drama/sci-fi had a lot to offer. I mean a 200-year-old immortal working in a morgue to try and figure out the nature of his immortality curse whilst working alongside a tough female detective is going to have a few interesting stories to tell hasn’t he? Yep this one definitely had potential and even if you don’t want to get too invested because there’s only one season, it’s worth a watch, I reckon.


6) The Big Bang Theory– Season 9

Only twenty minutes long, each episode is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, once you get accustomed to the fact that socially awkward scientist Sheldon, is just, quite simply a funny egg. This latest season (premiered Sept 21st 2015) sees Sheldon and his friends ‘growing up’ a little bit more, with Leonard and Penny finally tying the knot. With Sheldon’s very particular, obsessive and mostly peculiar antics driving his friends up the wall, this little comedy gem will bring a nugget of humour to your day whenever you watch it.


5) Suits- Season 4

Sadly I’ve not got round to watching season 5 that premiered in June 24th (I’ve added it to my growing TV watch list for next year though!) but season 4 of this compelling legal drama that ended in March this year oozed sleek and smart lawyer storylines, with comedy stemming from Lewis and sassy Donna’s characters, whilst the on-screen chemistry makes the bromance between top lawyer Harvey and his fraudulent but gifted and genius associate Mike, is irresistible and the witty script a must-see.


4) Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D– Season 2

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to watch season 3 (premiered on Sept 29th 2015) yet but season 2, which finished in May this year, was a blast. An alluring chase to discover who the Inhumans are and what Skye’s true origins are whilst battling enemy organisation, Hydra. Being a huge fan of the Marvel films, the series doesn’t disappoint as a TV extension of the superhero filmic franchises, adding great continuity to the Marvel universe between films.


3) Doctor Who– Season 9

Having watched the revival series of the classic British institution that is Doctor Who from 2005 onwards, then seeming to grow out of it, to return to Peter Capadli’s latest foray as the enigmatic Time Lord, season 9 didn’t disappoint. With a zest for adventure, great characters, the Doctor and assistant Clara find themselves written into thrilling storylines, from battling old enemy Davros to chasing the prophecy of the mysterious Time Lord/Dalek hybrid, Doctor Who has been fun from start to finish this year.


2) Orange is the New Black– Season 3

Normally prison drama wouldn’t normally attract me, with my preferences tending to lean towards the supernatural or action type shows but there’s no other TV show quite like Orange is the New Black. Not afraid to tackle hard-hitting and heart wrenching issues whilst raining down buckets full of sass, attitude and comedy, this unpredictable show, whose plot is based on a true story, is a refreshingly female focused programme and is so easy to get obsessed with it’s a damn good job the seasons were available all at once on Netflix.


  1. Game of Thrones- Season 5

I’m not normally the obsessive fan-girl type, having never really been that much of a crazy fanatic about anything bar maybe Harry Potter, but I’m not going to deny it- I’m a Game of Thrones nut. Stellar acting, stunning scenery and settings, sublime battle sequences, and  fiercely addictive plot twists and cliff hangers, along with some seriously raw shots (Cersei walking naked as a punishment through the streets of King’s Landing anyone?!)  make this TV phenomenon and easy number one for me.


Keep an eye out in 2016 for…

Game of Thrones Season 6 of course! Igniting our TV screens in April 20156 here’s a small teaser to get you hyped up for it if you’re not already!