Welsh rockers Kane’d return with first single in 2 years

Welsh rockers, Kane’d’ are releasing their first single in over 2 years: ‘La Di Da’.

Said to mark a new direction both soundwise and lyrically for the band ‘La Di Da’ is the first new material to emerge from the four piece since their Beautiful But Tragic début LP.

Kane’d see the song as marking a new and empowered direction for the band:

“The single is like a new lease of life for us. We went into the studio thinking let’s just make great music, our way. This is what came out. We were pretty angry and frustrated with the music business at the time and I think you can hear and feel the edge in the sound.”

Speaking about the themes in La Di Da, the band have claimed it is all about escapism:  ‘La Di Da, is about being unhappy in life, receiving useless repetitious advice and trying to escape by going into your own world in your head’. The music video for the single visually interprets this concept by imagining the band entering a hellish topsy-turvy mirror world, where they appear like nightmarish Alice in wonderland characters.”

Watch the video for La Di Da by Kane’d here:

 The band  play the Metal to the Masses competition in Bristol on Thursday 19th Feb.