February’s hottest film releases



Steph Sverdloff fills us in on her most anticipated must see films out in February from comedy to sci-fi to erotic romance…








Ted 2



The foul mouthed bear and Mark Wahlberg are back. After Seth MacFarlane’s first film, Ted, there were always questions about a sequel and now here we are some years later. The story line about this one is about Ted getting legal rights to be a human in order to have a child with his new wife.

Personally it does look funny, but I am biased as I did enjoy the first one (and also I really love Family Guy). It will be interesting to see how it does on its release as comedy sequels seem to struggle to strike a chord with audiences.

It’s out in this summer so a bit of a wait yet.


Fifty Shades of Grey



From E.L James’ book comes the first of the Fifty Shades of Grey films. Since the popularity of the books the film version has been questioned, debated and fantasied about by fans since it was officially confirmed. Now on Valentine’s Day (because apparently it’ll make a great date film…) we will be able to see the infamous Mr Grey on the silver screen.

The trailer gives us snippets of the raunchiness within the book but a good reflection of the deeper relationship between Grey and Anna. For me, it’ll be interesting to see how much of the book they have actually adapted for the film as some of it could easily turn it into a porn film; which I highly doubt they have done.

Could this be the next trilogy to make millions at the box office? I bet E.L James hopes so.

Fifty Shades of Grey is out February 14th (in case you didn’t know when Valentine’s Day was).


Jupiter Ascending 



This film was pushed back on its original release date but it still looks interesting. A sci-fi film with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. Not bad casting.

It’s a story with the premise of where did we humans come from? A question that usually gets answered on Earth but Jupiter Ascending shows us a completely different version. With alien royalty and a man, Eddie Raymane, who seems to re-enact a toddler refusing to share when discussing his possession of Earth.

This could be an interesting one with the producers of The Matrix trilogy behind it.

Released in early February.