Parkway Drive LIVE @ Academy, Manchester

It was a great night for Parkway Drive fans in Manchester as the 5 piece Byron bay outfit once again toured  the UK as headliners, breaking their two year  absence minus a handful of  festivals they played over here last year. They brought great support to the UK which came in the shape of Carnifex, Northlane and Heaven Shall Burn.

Heaven shall burn were  the main support of the tour which was a shock considering Northlane and Carnifex have huge UK fan bases. However their performance justified just why they were so high up on this bill with an on point performance . Whilst they sounded great there was only a selected few songs that were recognisable and the set started to drag after a while. Some songs got great reactions (“Endzeit” and “Black tears” most mentionable) others just didn’t which got kind of boring in all honesty. However this can not take away the credit the band deserve as musicians who got paid to perform and perform they most certainly did.

Eventually it was time for the headliners of the night all the way from Australia, Parkway Drive who have been labeled by some bands as the  pinnacle of metal-core. Seeing this band ever year since 2010 just paints a picture of how good the band are live and after 11 years since they formed they still manage to blow the roof off venues. With the Manchester date being the last of 6 UK shows were they to go out with a bang ? You’d be a fool to bet against it.

Parkway start with “Wild eyes” and before you can blink bodies are flying all over the show and with all this going on you can’t help but ignore how good the band are sounding both instrumentally and the vocals as well. Parkway drive don’t have many slow songs in the bag as they fire out continuous bangers as they pride in energetic shows and creating memories with the crowd that they’ll never forget. The setlist contained  a solid variety of oldies and new songs which pleased fans of all ages, it’s pure genius how Parkway Drive have managed to maintain a sound from 11 years ago to present tense however also bring new musical views into their material without alternating too much.

When going to see the five Aussies from Byron bay you’re expected guitar solos, riffs, incredible drumming, appetite for energy from the crowd   and vocals like no others when you mix all that together it’s a recipe of such chaos attached with an amazing time.  Some stand out songs Parkway blew me away with were “Deliver me”, “Home Is for The. Heartless”, “Mutiny” and “Romance Is Dead”. As the set sadly came to a close the room had reached boiling point, fans covered in sweat and even the odd busted nose. The band finished on one of their heaviest and fastest songs  “Swing” and shortly after leaving the stage it didn’t take long before Parkway Drive chants broke out from the crowd but after such an energetic show including confetti and pyro which was a bonus I doubted we’d get an encore, however amazingly the band still had gas in the tank.

Parkway drive came out to play their encore and to slow things down perfectly playing “Horizons” and a crowd winner “Carrion”. The encore was one big sing along and ended things beautifully which is a word that isn’t used much when going to see such a heavy band. With the set sadly over it was safe to say that Parkway Drive still put on one of the best shows of any band in any genre these days and they’re a must see band. Parkway can  leave the UK with their heads held high after blowing the roof off Manchester academy and it’ll be great to see them over here again sooner rather than later as they recently got announced for download festival 2015 so if you are heading to download do not miss this band!.

Rating: 5/5

Words: Luke Corcoran