Mysteries ask some probing questions with new alien abductee inspired video – Watch

Following the release of their debut album ‘New Age Music Is Here’ earlier this year, the ever-enigmatic trio Mysteries have shared their first ever video for their latest single: ‘Authenticity Machine’.

This is the first visual offering from elusive group. The video was supplied to their record label, Felte, with solely the information that the clip is composed of excerpts from a short documentary about ‘Ian’, a self-proclaimed alien abductee and conspiracy theorist. The video can be watched below.

Mysteries is a project with a concept just as it implies. A few months ago the felte label received an anonymous demo accompanied by a photo of 3 figures, faces concealed by masks. They were snapped up by the label instantly and have recently released their début LP ‘New Age Music’.

Watch ‘Authenticity Machine ’ by Mysteries here: